Saturday, March 5, 2011

 It's March again, which means that many, many Blogging friends will be posting photos of snowdrops and crocuses and the world being made new. Here in Vermont, however, the snow is still deep and crisp.

I do long for the heady smell of mud!

The light IS coming back to us, though. When we wake up, it's no longer dark. The light is washing over the meadow and beaming through the windows. It's the time of year that I forget to make dinner early enough because I just cannot believe that it's still light out.

You may have noticed that I said the snow was "deep and crisp" but it is not even. Everywhere we go, there are huge (one story high, in some places) piles of snow from the plows clearing space, all winter.

The boys have commandeered one of the mountains in our yard and have been digging a huge cave/snow fort out of the icy pile. They've been running out there, as soon as they get home from school, all week long.

When Toby (my youngest) came in, the other day, from his Eskimo adventure, he cuddled up on to my lap. Of course, I buried my face in his hair and gave him a big kiss and he smelled like.....spring! It was this indescribable scent - possibly of water - definitely of freshness!

I said to him, "you smell like spring!"

He said, "thanks, Mom! You smell like tea!"

Love to your home from ours,

Katy Noelle


  1. Dear Kathy,

    The first thing that popped into my mind when I read your post is the seed catalogues. Did you receive them yet and have you made a choice? I would love to know!!

    I can see you got the spring inside your house. The yellow tulips look lovely! I am normally not a 'yellow' person, but in March and April (around easter) I sometimes buy them myself as well.

    Enjoy your weekend & the browsing through the catalogues! I wish I could join you. It's always so much fun anticipating of what you are going to grow.

    Lieve groet van Madelief xox

  2. I love love your 'love to your home from ours', Katy Noelle. The last photo in particular is gorgeous. Yellow tulips are on my table too and I believe one wall in our living room has exactly the same shade of brown as your wall.
    Hmm, I don't think this is a correct English...
    Anyways, have a happy HaPpY and sunshine-filled weekend, dear one xxxx

  3. Beautiful tulips Kathy darling...and owww your son is so cute smell like tea !!! you make ma laugh today .......happy

  4. Tea... Nice.
    Probably he means rosebud- tea...
    Or jasmine, think that would fit you best!
    You look like a jasmine flower anyway. :-)
    The photographs are nice,
    the third is my favorite!

  5. Dear Katy Noelle!!!

    Came over this morning (loved your cake!)- after a long pause - something happened and I only just got to sit down again - and here you are with a brand new post...GOOD timing :) And am LOVING the feeling that is coming across -fresh and clean and still - SO lovely!! And what a terribly sweet thing to say 'You smell like tea' - children say the cutest things!!!

    I of course LOVE the idea of all your snow....and would happily give up my snowdrops for it...:) - still hoping for a bit of the white stuff - we have has snow as late as EAster in the past.....had far too less for my liking this year (well, NONE this year - had a about 2 weeks before Christmas!!)

    Lovely to see you again Katy!!!!!!


    nicola x

  6. Dearest Katy Noelle,

    What a touching post; you're such an excelllent writer. You write so pure and straight from the heart! Yeah, the ice and snow is something that will take time to vanish ALL. But at least you got some tulips and wonderful photos and for the rest you just stroll around in other parts of the world by visiting blogs...

    Lots of love to all of you and enjoy your TEA!


  7. Oh, that great smell of Spring (and tea :0) Love it! Great photos! XO

  8. Dear Katy

    First of all thank you for your thoughtful comment on my recent post, it was lovely to hear from you and to read your post also, as I know you have been away from your blog for a little while too. It's all about balance isn't it but so difficult to put into practice!

    Even though spring has yet to emerge in Vermont I see you are consoling yourself with some wonderful tulips. Gorgeous photos of course!


  9. beautiful bright yellow blooms. so cheerful! hope you are doing well, my friend!

  10. Lots of snow still here too Katy! I am afraid I have been buying my spring lately! :)

    Sometimes I wish my son was still small enough to cuddle on my lap ~ so sweet!

    xo Catherine

  11. I often go to B&Q (Rubbish DIY hypermarket chain in corrugated sheds at the side of endless stretches of dull roads.)Purely to snaffle colour cards - I am reasonably sure it is not illegal but as I have no intention of buying any paints I suspect it is immoral....... oh well, I never said I was perfect. (Except to my husband before we were married and probably then I was so strictly speaking not a lie then either!)

    So brilliant to hear from you, It is always a treat. I wish you could have met Ella at The Ferry Boat Inn last week, she was mad as a box of frogs and I adore her and so would you!

    Love Sarah xXx

  12. Oh, I can see that macro lens is getting quite a workout! Beautiful I ages, Katy, and a lovely post! I love that first photo -- so simple, so beautiful! And the light in the others is just gorgeous!

  13. Oops, I meant beautiful IMAGES... :)

  14. I just can't imagine you still have snow! But if you can already smell Spring, it won't take long!!!

    Hugs, Annelies

  15. Why aren't I following you? wHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? yOU ARE POSITIVELY MY CLOSEST FRIEND IN all of Vermont. (Oh Claude I've got my uppercase issue back! Help I need therapy!)

    Are you OK opera-singer-special-Vermont-sunnyspot-singing sensation?

    Love Sarah x

  16. Dear Katy Noelle,

    I hope you are well? It's such a long time since you posted. Hope to be hearing from you again soon.

    Take care!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  17. Katie, Your flowers are just stunning and so beautiful. Were have a blizzard today. I love for spring and the feel of the soil in my hands once again. And so so much more.
    Love Lisa.
    Your light is perfect. :)

  18. Yellow flower collection is very beautiful an looks awesome. This photo looks very old!

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  20. Your blog is looks wonderful with the yellow flowers. It looks very unique collection of the yellow flowers. Last photograph is very attractive.

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