Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fast Changes!

I thought of another very good saying:

A woman is like a teabag, you never know how strong she is until you get her in hot water.
(er, make mine Fortnum and Mason's Queen Anne Tea - loose leaf, please! =])

I want to share a wisp of something that is really a big billowing cloud in my life.

No details!

(There are too many of them, in fact.)

I just want to state the obvious.

(well, surely, you've figured it out or suspected it, by now.)

In the past couple of years - especially, the last several months - the most bizarre and pressurized situations have been attaching themselves to my life. They're coming from so many different directions (including within). Absolutely no one knows my full story. No one could.

I definitely live in a sunny spot but, it's more of a state of mind, sometimes, when there are so many clouds.

I'm not afraid of tough times.

We all go through them.

It's just.....


Something has happened, though, and it's forced the situation in such a lovely way and this small bird feels SO set free.

That is why I'm sharing this and I don't even know if all of you will understand....

it comes from who I am and my world view.

(....but friends can handle that, no?)

Actually, perhaps, it will encourage some of you!

I mentioned Ginny Owens in my last post. She's a blind christian songwriter/singer. What she's missing in physical sight seems to be concentrated inwardly and, today, listening to a CD that I haven't listened to in ages, I heard this song that just put it perfectly.

Here are her gorgeous thoughts:

I used to see the world in black and white ~ now I find myself lost in a fog of gray.
I thought the good guys always won the fight ~ but I've learned life simply doesn't work that way.
I once believed if I loved others they would love me, too, ~ but I've seen that isn't always so.
I thought that inner peace would come from trusting who I am, ~ but it's really about trusting who I know.


when the winds of change try to blow me over,
and the shadows of confusion hide the truth.
I will hope in the One who is forever ~ I will run to You.
I will run to You!

Ever since the moment life began ~ humankind has tried to solve its mysteries.
So many things we cannot comprehend ~ so we draw conclusions that we can believe.
Well, I know that your hands have placed the earth upon the seas and pitched a tent in the heavens for the sun.
The Author of the universe is the Father who loves me; so, only one conclusion can be drawn...

When the winds of change try to blow me over and the shadows of confusion hide the truth,
I will hope in the One who is forever. I will run to you!
When I face the questions that seem to have no answers and I know my friends are but a precious few,
I will hope in the Love that never changes. I will run to you!

Though the perils of life seem so great And hope seems so frail ~ you never fail, no, Shadows may not disappear but You've always made it clear ~ Truth will prevail.

You will prevail!

I've felt like such a caged bird but that's just rubbish.

I am quite free!

I'm not scared of getting lost in the foggy days. Not afraid of the dark, either.

Actually, I feel a bit like I'm flying...and, definitely singing! =]

(and, okay, if you want to know - I'm dancing, too.)


if you'd like to, also, know....

that is exactly where this image came from!

As Ginny Owens, also, says:

Beauty lies in the True Story!

The song "Run to You!" is from Ginny Owens CD, Something More


  1. ::HUGS:: I think there are times in our life that we (and our faith) are challenged. You are strong though and I am praying for you. Know that you are loved and in finding your true self, happiness awaits. :)

  2. Wow, what a great quote about the women in hot water!
    Beautiful blog... beautiful photos.

  3. May your edges hold fast, your flavour be strong and sip gladly from what ever is brewing. Always remember what a very special teabag you are! xx

  4. Dear Katy Noelle,

    Your quote made laugh out loud first, but later on I realised how serious these words and this post really are. I am happy for you that your religion gives you so much happiness and faith and makes your life more beautiful!

    Take care!

    Lieve groet, Madelief xox

  5. Dearest Katy, I am so sorry that life is troubled for you in so many ways that you feel quite overwhelmed at times. Just carrying on with everyday life can be demanding of all one's energies at these times. But, you do have a strong faith and that can and will, I am sure, sustain you and support you in finding solutions to the problems that you face and a direction to follow when the way seems unclear It is so difficult to know what to say that can be of help but I have always found myself that one should allow others to give help and to listen rather than feeling alone. Take the greatest care!

  6. Dear Katy! I just stopped by to give you a hug and to thank you for your always so lovely visits and words in my blog. I so would love to give something back to you, especially at times that maybe are not the best. Do take care and hold on. By the way... love that teabag saying.

  7. k, my computer is wonky so it's difficult to type. sending you my love coupled with my best wishes for things to settle down to the best the lord h-s for you. sorry the key rhyming with 'hey' is not working well. so is the shift key.

    i will be gone for some time, but will come by when i return. sending good thoughts to you in the interim.



  8. "Should Thy mercy send me sorrow, toil and woe,
    Or should pain attend me on my path below,
    grant that I may never fail Thy hand to see;
    Grant that I may ever cast my care on Thee."

    from a book that someone gave my mother years ago...
    (((Hugs))) for you, dear Katy!

  9. Love the song you shared with us. I'm going to go find her now on iTunes. I'm sad to hear you've been feeling so overwhelmed. I hope your burdens continue to ease.

    Wait.....I'm going to go find this song.....

    Ahhhh.....lovely. Thank you for sharing this song.


  10. Yes, Mrs. Bee, isn't it gorgeous with the music? =]

  11. Katy, I love these Ginny Owens songs. So heartfelt and beautiful!

  12. Glad you are feeling set free - I hope relief comes your way in many forms and in whatever way it's needed. Great lyrics. Remember Romans 8:28! Bess

  13. Dear Katy, Sending you thoughts of sunny days, both outside as well as deep within. Thinking of you, as always! ~ Julie

  14. Just to say that I'm thinking of you Katy, and that I miss you around 'these parts!"
    I know it's cliche, but things do have a way of working out.
    Sending you big hugs.

    lisa. xo

  15. If women are like tea-bags, does that make men the coffee dregs!

    Love the flower shot, Katy.


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