Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Peach in The Sunny Spot!

     I am afraid that now that I have my new camera, I am going through some adolescent photographer growing pains. My blog is not only about the photo images - it's about, well, all sorts of things - thoughts, words, sharing happy times, ridiculous chickens, to name a few 'things'. Right at the moment, though, I am on a steep learning curve as I concentrate a little on what makes a moving scene. If my focused bent starts to bother you, give a holler, please! (By the way, I am, also, working strongly on how to edit!) Honestly, I am having sooooooo much fun with my Canon!!!

     In this vein of thought, I had just found a blog that had been having a weekly party called "Creative Boot Camp". In the CBC, everyone who was participating would be given a word prompt and they would go and do something - anything - that spoke to the idea of that word. Unfortunately, I found it just as they had concluded their last week. Happily, happily, happily for me, though, everyone had such a grand time that they decided to continue the idea with a weekly venture called "The Sunday Creative". This week's word prompt was:


     Well, then, what would you think of. I'm guessing that most of your thoughts would fly where mine did - to a flower (probably a rose) opening it's petals! Then, I thought of an open door and open window. I am fascinated with them since, those sunbeams and dappled sunlight (that I tend to happily stare at) often stream through them. What does 'open' mean? Well, that's obvious! The question is more, 'why?' The reason that I ever 'open' anything is so that I can let or get something in or out. Well, then, I had all sorts of thoughts that I may still follow through on some time. However, the word was given last Sunday and, here it is, Saturday, already. Last night, I was grabbing my camera to go and try to capture the golden hour. I was hungry and grabbed a peach and took a few bites and looked into my dining room and, there it was again, the beautiful glow of the evening sun shining through the open curtains on the table. It's a daily happiness that I enjoy. Do you know what I mean, I wonder? Well, I seized the moment and... it is! A busy Mom's 'open'.

It is "taking a luscious bite of a beautifully ripened summer that is open full throttle!"

(I love that it's a still life. hee hee.)


If you would like to see this wondrously creative blog, it's Madeline Bea: Life Set To Words and this is a link to The Sunday Creative

The Sunday Creative


  1. That looks so yummy! Makes my mouth water. :) Happy 4th!

  2. I have peaches in a bag on the counter, and they are taking forever to get ripe - and you're pictures make me want one now!

  3. I love the peach pictures. I know what you mean about the new camera and growing pains. So true.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I really need to think about a new camera... Have a great weekend!

  5. I think your pictures are super, Katy!

    Wishing you a very Happy Fourth of July!


    Sheila :-)

  6. Hi Katy. Haven't had a peach yet this yer which seems faintly ridiculous somehow. Thanks for the reminder x

  7. OOOOOOOOOOO! Look at those luscious oranges, reds, and yellows. YUMMY!

  8. beautiful photos in this and the previous post. i'm playing catch-up tonight. summer is busy!

    you know, i haven't had my 1st peach this summer; i've been too busy with nectarines. i loooooove them!

    happy 4th!


  9. mmmm.... peaches... I can almost smell them! Especially since I just bought some today and they are sitting on my counter waiting for me to take a big yummy bite out of one! I can hardly wait for breakfast tomorrow! :)

    xo Catherine

  10. Love this photo.....delicious in every sense of the word. :)

  11. You have made me very very hungry!!! I want a peach NOW!!!!!!! LOL!!
    Happy 4th July! Wish I was there to celebrate. Was on a few occasions and there is nothing like it! Cx

  12. I quite understand your mind Katty.
    The most beautiful artworks and photos are often made in a instant, a move of the heart.
    With this half-eaten peach, you illustrated well the word open and yes it is as a still life.
    Have a nice week.
    I do not know if I explained myself well.

  13. Good Morning, Dear-

    I like your thoughts as always. To check one word out is a good idea.

    Enjoy your day!

    Hugs and kisses- Ines


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