Thursday, January 28, 2010


     It's a whitish gray day here in my world. Sometimes it's snowing, occasionally a watery sun glows through the hazy sky. As I look out my window now, the snow is a blur on the other side of the pane. It makes this side of the glass look very cozy indeed. Winterscapes are so elegantly beautiful!

     Here are some winterscapes that I've brought inside.

Has anyone else ever found themselves alone with a wardrobe and gone inside? (If you ever try it, remember that it is a very foolish thing to shut oneself completely in.) When I was young and lived at home, my parents bought an antique wardrobe to put in my bedroom. Finding myself all alone with it, I tried to go to Narnia; but, no matter how hard you wish, it only happens when you're not looking for it.

One of my most favorite and happy things to do is to set a beautiful table. I started doing this when I was in grade school. Because of my special love for this genre, my parents bought me a book by this lady that very few people had heard of. It was filled with wondrous ideas for special celebrations, parties and elegant table settings. It was called, Entertaining, and it was by a first time author named Martha Stewart. Ahhh! I remember when the world was new!

Bye for now,

Katy Noelle

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  1. Hello there KAty

    Thanks you so very much for your kind and generous comments about my little blog. It is quite amazing to know that people out there enjoy your ramblings! I'm sure you'll discover this yourself as you enter the blogging world.

    Your table looks so sumptuous! Love the bottle brush trees, I think they're my most favourite Christmas decoration, I've got tons!

    Enjoy exploring blogging, I've been doign it for ages now and really enjoy looking back on old posts to remember special days and happy times. Make yours just what you want it to be and have fun with it!

    Have a lovley weekend.
    love Stephx


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