Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Freshness after the storm

     It used to be that I thought it only properly festive to keep my Christmas tree up until after Valentine's day. I felt that it was a cheering presence to get us through the long, stark winter months; but, contrary to their promising name, pine trees, if we cut them down, are not evergreen. I guess I feel that I've waited so long for a holiday to arrive, it can't be over already. (Ask my husband, Tom, about the St. Patrick's day pumpkin.) My allergies, however, have helped me in the past few years to accept that once the tree gets that pungent, sickly, sweet smell, it's time to move on.

     This year, being slightly pressed for time, I had the marvelous and very dangerous idea to just take all of the ornaments off and put them away at a later date. So far they've survived and are carefully laid on a side table. I'm putting them in boxes today but felt like I have a little pile of treasure and thought that I'd share some pictures of them in an (after the storm) sunny spot.

     For Christmas this year, Tom gave me a gift certificate to the local "Stonehouse Antiques Center". It's so fun to dig through the stalls there and there are so many fun things that I want to take home with me. (Poor forlorn orphans - I love you!) I have a hard time, however, justifying those "extras" that my family doesn't really need. Gift Certificates yield so much freedom. I've picked out four things so far and have a little bit left on my account. Here's one of my finds - just look at what I got!

Vintage ornaments from Poland! I love that they're still in their first box with their original tissue paper and the old strings to hang them by. Not forlorn and abandoned anymore!

What's wonderful is that there's a very good chance that I'll forget all about them by next Christmas and when I open the box, what a happy surprise I"ll get! 

     Well, when I first started to take down the Christmas tree, I felt slightly traumatized. As I got further though, I started to feel that incredible sense of January freshness after the rich, breathless, tempestuousness and  glowing darkness of December. The fresh start doesn't come so much because it's a new year for me. (New year's day air feels the same as New Year's Eve air.) It's just that I've been so focused on what was before me (a mad rush through November to the end of December), that I've hardly had much time to think about what was coming next. Hence, I have a lovely blank slate that's full of hope.

     I had such a happy time today sitting in my sunny spot dreaming about what to do next and enjoying the peace and quiet after the storm. I'm wishing you a refreshing moment today too!

Katy Noelle

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  1. Beautiful! I loved seeing the bowl like mine. Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart.


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