Thursday, May 14, 2015


About a year ago I shared about my discovery that, for many years, I've been severely gluten sensitive. Going gluten (and quinoa and oats, too, sadly) free has made a tremendous difference in my health, energy, life! But it has been a steeply uphill climb, sometimes. It may seem strange to say but I'm fortunate that I cannot even eat a speck of gluten without unhappy consequences. It may keep my back to the wall, sometimes, but it does keep me on the "straight and narrow". One challenging but very fun thing that's happened because of this is that I've had to replace all of my plastic and nonstick cooking tools - pots, pans, measuring cups, etc. - anything with a nook or cranny that could contain a speck of old gluten. After using the same things for twenty years, it was pretty darn fun to get new sets of everything, though, sometimes I would yearn for an old favorite pot or wooden spoon.

Another challenge has been going without 'take-out' and convenience foods. Oh, how I miss Joy-Wah, our local Chinese restaurant... and tacos and fried foods and shtuff like that. Enter into this story the discovery of a British TV show called 'the Great British Bake Off' where ordinary people create extraordinary dishes. It kind of woke me up - if they can do it - I can learn to cook anything! If builders, grandmas,  accountants and 18 year old girls can do it - so can I! I can cook anything! (Or, if you've seen 'Ratatouille'.... "anyone can cook"! ;) ) And that is where my creative energies have been focused these days - in the kitchen.

The pictures here are of the sweet potato, chocolate donuts I made with our brand spankin' new deep fryer - they were SO light and fluffy - a tender crisp on the outside and, then, rich, soft chocolate to sink one's teeth into - and very happy on a Saturday morning! Can't wait to try my yummy fish 'n chips recipe!!


Oh, yeah! David broke his finger but we seem to be almost completely over that and, honestly, we'll take the funny face. I'm just amazed that I even got two whole boys inside the frame (and not too blurry, to boot!) Apparently, rich, chocolatey donuts make great carrots! ;)


  1. A post from you!! Nice here !! Ria...x!

  2. I do sympathise as I am currently trying to adjust my diet and exclude lots of things that may be affecting my health, I just don't yet know which it is but wheat is high on the list (along with caffeine, sugar, alcohol, dairy) and it is a huge challenge, but my energy is better already for even moving things in the right direction. Anyway, your donuts look delicious and looks like they are much appreciated by the family. Btw, I have three boys too - lovely young men!

  3. Such a wonderful blog! I follow you on Pinterest, and now will follow you here as well.
    Have a lovely day,

  4. Also wheat and all grains free. Which is a bit odd as my BIL is a wheat farmer!


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