Wednesday, April 15, 2015

a fairytale garden

I have often lamented to my friend, Mary, that there are no grand gardens to visit in Vermont (that I could discover, anyway.) Nothing artistic and creative as far as public gardens go.... I guess that I just chalked it up to the hard winters. I have often had to bite back my extreme jealousy (heh, heh), as I've watched dear Madelief visit some of the most precious gardens in England - places that I've only ever dreamed of seeing in person. And so it was that I became an armchair traveler - living vicariously through my blog friends who share so generously. Until, that is, when, one fine day last summer, Mary asked me innocently if the Garden Conservancy's featured garden for the weekend was in MY Chester.* What?! What is the Garden Conservancy? Where in the world is this grand home hidden? I had no idea! (Though, I suspect there are many corker estates hidden up secretive dirt roads on posted land all over these hills.)

As it turned out, it was, indeed, MY Chester - fortunate me! And so it was that I found myself, one sparkling Sunday afternoon, walking in a dream. Tom had heard rumors from builders and craftsmen in town of a home being built that employed imported German craftsmen and stone from an old castle in Scotland. Don't know if it's true or not but this home and garden had such a fairytale vibe that I truly do believe....

What I loved best were the layers of texture and color, both in the outside build of the house and the garden which worked beautifully in harmony together - and all of the details.... down to the last wooden peg and herbs and moss planted in between the stones. Oh! It was all so lovely!

My deep gratitude to the owners who offered us their hospitality.... so kind! It was a dear pleasure!

*Every New England state seems to have a Chester - not to mention the original in 'Ye Jolly Olde Englande'.


Jane and Lance.... their garden bothy - really, more like a garden hostel!



  1. Oh! Lovely indeed. Enjoyed all your super photos. You would LOVE Susan Branch's latest book about her trip to England and the gardens she visited there. Check out her delightful website if you are not already familiar with it! Thanks for the tour. Those people were so sweet to let you photograph their gorgeous gardens. Susan

    1. Oh, Susan! How I love Susan Branch! :) I've known about her for forever and had so much fun following along with her trip to England. But I keep putting off getting that book - silly me - because I just know that I would love it. From the heart of the home.... <3 :) xo

  2. Dear Katy,

    What a magical place! Now I am jealous ;-)! The flowers, the colours, the beautiful house. It looks sort of English too with the lawn, the variety of flowers they have in the garden and the bothy. What a joy to have the garden so close to your home. It must be a delight to see it grow through the seasons.

    Hope you recovered from the operation Katy and feeling better. You have been on my mind often. I am really happy to see more of your post passing by.

    Sending love,

    Madelief x

  3. Hello Katy,
    This is sheer magical Katy and could be anywhere. The attention to detail by the owners is very evident. The garden was in its prime when you visited I love being reminded of Madelief and Jane and Lance's grades and those they visit.
    I hope with Spring just around the corner you will receive many more invitations to view neighbouring gardens.

    Helen xx

  4. Oh this is such a gorgeous place Katy! The Russian Sage, and all the other purple, lavender, blues, and pinks are so pretty in the gardens. Lovely grounds to admire, and I'm happy you found a place to enjoy walking around and photographing to your hearts content. It is magical!


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