Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spring, fare thee well!

With a heavy heart, I was just preparing a farewell to spring but, in the past three hours, the weather has changed from quite a warm and muggy morning to very, very chill. So I say, "Spring! We are most heartily happy to welcome you back!" If only the lilacs and tulips could return, too.

and, well...

I couldn't really think of anything else to say.

I found this lovely Hellebore plant at Trader Joe's back when there was still mounds of snow (don't you just love the delicate coloring?) and the table is the 'two second' thing I threw together at Easter but it was pretty and fun. We broke with the traditional ham and had Steak Oscar - oh, yum!!


I'm listening to this oldie but goodie that is one of my forever favorite songs.

Perhaps, I'll share that with you - I love it so! :)

Yeah! That's what I'll do!

Oh! And remind me to, one of these days, tell you about the kittens.
(Only, I have about an hundred thousand pictures of them, being a properly proud parent.)



  1. Owwwww That last picture is so it..!..i am sitting outside with a warm blanket on me......brrrr it is not too hot today..but i am enjoy the sun ...have a Nice from me Ria...x!

  2. Stunning photography.So happy to have found your blog.

  3. Oh Katy, I am not that often on Facebook, but I saw a photo of your kittens passing by. So sweet! It must be so much fun to have them around.

    Lovely photo's of your table and Hellebore. Miss you on the blog and on Insta, but I think like Saskia, you are more a Facebook user.

    Wishing you a lovely week. Hope the weather will change for the better! A Happy week!

    Madelief x

  4. Was feeling the same about spring, when suddenly we have welcomed cooler temps and steady rain showers - always a joy for me. Lovely capture of your kitty's eyes - wonder what he is thinking?


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