Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring has not sproinged!

We've had a little bit of thaw but everything is still white - just a bit of mud around the edges of the parking lots and roads and, despite the frigid temperatures, this morning, the birds were singing.... then! They're quite still now that it's blustery and snowing. Brrrrr!!

Apparently, spring is still just a twinkle in Mother Nature's eye!

Happy Hope of Spring, though, and Happy Vernal equinox! ;)


Sorry for the ridiculous title. What can I say...


  1. Oh but you flowers are so pretty and hopefully warm days are not too far away!!!

  2. what a pretty posy.

    hope all is well with you my friend.

  3. Let spring begin....!!!! love love Ria...x!

  4. Such a beautiful photo Katy! And just as you say: spring is around the corner. Hurray!!!!

    Madelief xoxo

  5. just lovely miss katy … seems like we are both playing with old books, purple flowers and twine … hoping for budding outside our windows :)


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