Tuesday, February 24, 2015

garden in review

Oh! Hahahahahaaa! Just kidding! There is no 'garden in review' from this past year because... well, last year, I hardly had a chance to garden. Weeds ran amok, sensitive plants seem to have disappeared and, yet.... and, yet....

When we lived in the parsonage, in town, I had a lovely little kitchen garden directly out the kitchen door. As I cooked, baked, simmered, stewed away, if I needed herbs - pop! Out the screen door I'd leap and, kapwing! I'd be right back in adding it to whatever was steaming away on the stove. If I needed tomatoes or cucumbers or salad or, even, a small bouquet for the table, I could just zip right out to those two long raised beds and be back in with the ingredients as quick as a wink. Then, we moved up here, on the hill, and didn't have any garden - let alone any fresh produce - and, to be honest, I considered raiding a 'certain neighbor that I know of's' garden more than once. I was that desperate for a REAL tomato and fresh veg! (yes! I know about those farmer's markets in town but.... no vehicle, alas, and... I'm talkin' about needin' a garden of one's own, here!!!)

Finally! The moment came (to cut a long story short) and, just before the infamous operation, my husband was able to build a lovely little plot with raised beds!! I bought my seeds and hopped to it! Never mind that it was 'too late' to plant seeds!! (and too hot that day to be doing anything, really!) I planted them!!! and, then, went under.... I don't remember much more from the summer. I kind of think I really woke up in September and lo & behold..... I had a GARDEN!!! (Sort of.) In all of the chaos of my other beds (and my house, too), I had one little corner of my world that was blooming and fruitful and beautiful. Okay! So, I never staked the tomatoes and I thinned the carrots too late... it didn't matter. It was weeded and lush and.... a lovely kitchen garden!

As for the rest? Well, there were some very pretty surprises because I didn't weed - a few things reappeared that I thought had gone forever. Our compost pile spit out a couple of cute pumpkins and, now, winter is giving me a lovely restart button. Time for fresh dreams and plans!



  1. So I am sitting hear enjoying the summer photos and daydreaming about gardens and flowers and BAM! I get slapped in the face with snow pictures. Nice. But actually your garden is so lovely! Kitty is too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Just.... LOL, Michele! The cold, stark reality! ;) Go back to sleeeep and dreeeeeam! ;) :)

  2. Hello Katy,

    The planning is definitely the best.......the rest is work!

    As a gardener one is always hopeful of the coming season. The flowers will be more floriferous, the vegetables more vigorous and the weeds will never materialise. Such is the stuff of which garden dreams are made........

    But, we can well imagine that your raised borders will be put to good use once they become visible! Get those seed packets coming........oil the tools.......ready, steady, GO!

    1. Ah, dear Jane and Lance! The ironic thing is that it's not enough! I couldn't keep up with the garden, last year, but this year, I need more garden!!


  3. Fabulous photos. Beautiful flowers and veg. Love puss in the snow. X

  4. Oh Katy, I just noticed your new blogpost in my sidebar and came upon this one. I missed it completely! And such a beautiful post it is! Your garden has changed so much. The raised borders look full of colour and your vegetables look so good. It must have given you lots of you!

    Hope the frost and snow will disappear soon, to make room for the sun and for new ideas in the garden!


    Madelief x


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