Saturday, June 28, 2014

Spring Reminiscence

I thought that I'd give a romantic title to this post which really should be called "finally able to get around to it"! ;) Spring was so beautiful this year and, even though I was a bit out of commission, I didn't miss it - oh, no! And, at this point, I should quickly tell you that the operation went fine, I'm still struggling to climb up out of it all and to heal and I am seriously chomping at the bit to get back to life. But I will be able to do so very soon since both biopsies came back as benign - HUZZAH!!!

Anyhoo... this year, there seemed to be a lot of buzz in the neighborhood about the spring babies hatching out all over the place. Of course, every year we enjoy spring bursting forth but, this year, the story seemed to be noticeably enthralling. Of course, there are the buds and baby leaves and shoots. Then, a few weeks after the Canada Geese arrive back, Mama suddenly disappears to her hidden nest while Papa can be seen waiting.... waiting....  Mama duck emerges from the woods and heads to the pond - sometimes being sighted walking down the road with her string of ducklings! (I didn't get a picture of it this year but I've been lucky to see it twice before - so cute!) And, most excitingly, the barn cat that adopted us a few years back decided to start a brood of her own, this year. Before this spring, she would, for the most part, shun our food (except in the depths of winter) and we would only catch a fleeting glimpse of her occasionally. This spring, when she started showing up in the barn, mewling at Tom from the food barrel while he was feeding the chickens, we started to suspect something was up! Sure enough, the veriest little fuzzy rascals started emerging from the calf barn - pouncing on each other, on their poor mother, hapless bugs, shadows, you name it - climbing the walls - hanging from the ancient doors and, basically, brazenly getting into all sorts of mischief. It was tricky getting pictures of them because, the slightest whiff of a human, and they would whisk away into the barn. Finally, one day, I was able to sneak up behind the carriage barn and get some pictures. The last picture is the one when they realized I was there and the game was up! But that story will have to be continued... Lastly, I've also included some pictures of the pond - it is so blue in the spring and the autumn without the lily pads on it. We can see it sparkling from our front porch and kitchen windows. Also, the skies in Vermont... always so soft and lovely - there are two pictures of clouds - one is their reflection in the pond and the other is what it looked like up above.



  1. Just simply beautiful and puts you in a very happy peaceful place for the moment.

    1. Oh! Hooray, Jean! Thank you for saying that! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures...enjoy Ria.....x !

    1. Oh, Ria... the summer is so beautiful! I feel like I'm in a dream, this year! :) xo

  3. So happy to learn your tests all point to your being on the road to feeling like yourself again soon! Wonderful news! Your pictures transport me right to all the beauty you have captured. I am in love with the baby ducklings. Summer is Vermont must be heaven - enjoy!

  4. Hello Katy,

    You have lived for so long with stress and worry that it must be joyous to know that all is well. This post conveys that joy to us, your dear readers, and highlights the wonders of simple pleasures and Nature at its best.

    You live surrounded by such natural beauty and your sensitivity to those surroundings is so very evident. Your creative eye is for ever watchful and the images you capture are such a delight. These small details can be overlooked so easily, especially when one is living such a busy life, but it is the charm of them which reassures us all that there is hope in the world and that all will be well.

    Words cannot express our delight at your good news.And we know that you are surrounded with the love of your family and friends which will, undoubtedly, have given support in your darkest hours. Now you must take time to gather strength and to live life to the full........something we know you always try to do! Be well.

  5. Dear Katy,

    Thank you once again for sending me an email and telling me all is well. I was so relieved to hear. Good things are still happening! Hope happy times will come to you and your family! When I look at your beautiful photo's, I think they have already started.

    Your tulip patch looks lovely and all the animals so sweet! I would love to have one of those kittens :-)

    Wishing you a Happy new week!

    Looking forward to see more of your beautiful photographs!

    Madelief x


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