Saturday, June 21, 2014


While I am working on a post full of baby pictures (baby animals, that is), I thought I would pop in to wish you a happy Midsummer's Day! (bring on the fairies!)

I should, also, probably mention that school ended for us, yesterday, and I will, also, say, "let the wild rumpus begin!!"

Oh! and, while I'm at it.... I should share some pics of Toby's graduation from elementary school on Wednesday. It feels like we're all grown up around here and fast leaving childhood behind - sniff!



 and, so, I only meant to share one pic and wish you a happy Midsummer's Day and look what's happened. So, while I'm at it, I should probably mention that the operation went well. I'll know the results some time next week! Thank you so much, once again, for all of the kind thoughts! :)

and, now, the garden is all watered. Blog post and greetings sent. I think I'm going to go put my feet up and read a book! :) I've got my sights set on 'Wildwood' - it looks fun!

Oh! and one other thing. The first and last pictures were taken last year on Midsummer's Day in the middle of the day with the sun just glowing overhead - pure magic!!




  1. Dearest Katy:

    What joy to see a post from 'In the Sunny Spot' come into our sidebar and bringing with it all the joy, warmth and colour of this Midsummer Day [Northern hemisphere, we hasten to add].

    Such a wonderful picture of Toby at the start of this post. Please tell him that we wish him every success as he moves on with his education. Life, as one becomes older, brings with it so many challenges all of which we are certain he will meet with that indomitable spirit which shines out of his picture. And you too, Katy, must now brave the next few days for your results when we are confident that all will be well.

    Take great care and enjoy this lovely day. Our love to you all. xxx

  2. Yah! For summer!! Doesn't officially start until school is out! In Canada we went much longer than the states (of course Canada's summer was later in arriving)

  3. Enjoy a beautiful summer Ria...x !


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