Sunday, April 8, 2012

A morning like this!

Well, here it is....Easter Morning! and, oddly enough, I have extra time before church. Tom is the intrepid one who gets up early and goes to the sunrise service. It's ecumenical and the pastors in town take turns officiating and preaching. It was a bit overcast but not snowing - not too cold - and there's green grass for, possibly, the first time ever. Tom reports that the Canada Geese did their annual celebratory flyby and everything was joyous.

Then, the boys donned their dress shirts and ties. Always, always, always their shirts and pants are too short (no matter what size it says on the tag) and we end up impersonating Tabitha Twitchett and Tom Kitten trying to get them dressed in their best - "My! I had not realized how much you've grown!" and, "Mom, I can't breathe!" and bursting buttons off, etc., etc. One of these years, we'll try our clothes on early....

Now, the boys are at Easter breakfast at church. I pass on these two functions for priorities' sake, saving my energy for the big church service and ham dinner and Easter egg hunt and fun visiting with all the family.

So, in the sweet Easter morning quiet, as I do every year, now, I am sniffling with emotion as I listen to my very favorite Easter song and I thought that I might just share it with you. It's all about joyful love! =D

(er,'s such a visual song on it's own - I recommend looking away and simply listening if you're so inclined...)

I'm wishing you a beautiful and joyous Easter, too!!!


  1. Happy easter blessings darling !!! love love

  2. Happy Easter! And a sunny spring!

  3. Happy Easter dear Katy. When my sister and I were children we always had new clothes for Easter including our wonderful patent shoes which we adored!

    Hope the snow stays away...!


    1. Oh, I hope the snow stays away, too! =O I don't mind snow globe weather, though, which is what we're getting. The apple blossoms are just starting to bud out and snow would be so sad!

      Our Easter clothes are all very nice - like new - hand me downs from cousin Billy but I think that his skyrocketing growth is slowing down and my boys are speeding up. They still looked very swanky, today, anyway. =]

  4. A very happy Easter to you and your family Katy

    Bertie x

  5. I wish you a lovely Easter time ✿ܓ
    Greetings from Poland, M.

  6. Easter blessings to you and yours Katy! Your boys are growing up so fast. Reading your thoughts about donning Easter attire reminds me of the Easter hats my sisters and I would wear to church. They had a little bunch of silk flowers on the top of the hat and I remember how they itched my head from the inside of the hat. I was quite the "little miss priss" growing up, so I wasn't about to take that hat off even if it did drive me crazy! Happy Happy Easter!

  7. Such beautiful Easter flowers today Katy! Lovely! We did not poke our nose out today. It was just too cold ~ oh that wind! I am not sure where spring has gotten to. sigh... I guess it will come eventually huh?
    xo Catherine

  8. Oh I love your Tom Kitten analogy! Happy Easter to you too Lovely Katy. I will listen to your song later as I don't want to wake the sleeping Hubble...looking forward to it!

    Sarah -x-

  9. Hello Katy:
    What a joyous post this is!! We are sure that you all looked wonderful in your Easter finery and that the singing in church was especially uplifting at this most marvellous time of the year. The spirit of hope is positively tangible we always feel at this season and, with the evidence of rebirth all around, one cannot help but feel positive about the year ahead!!

    Hoping that you all had a relaxing and happy Easter!!

  10. Came to visit :-)
    My Eldest Son, twin to Daughter, has found a lovely girl from a Catholic family. They spent Easter at her family's house. He said it was unusual, being Unitarian, to be in the middle of real Easter and he was curious. When asked about his memories about Easter at church he said, 'Frogs. Being pelted by frogs.' Poor kid. I had to explain to him about the Unitarians, being a bit hyper-correct at times, chose to celebrate Passover and he was the Pharaoh in the skit and the frogs were a plague. Then we went out to hunt eggs.
    That brought on a long conversation about the history of religions bound up in our daily life that we don't realize and all the cultural touch points.


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