Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Garden Dreams

Spring is a month early and, since March usually feels like it's three months long because we're usually still buried deep in snow, that's really saying something! Actually, last week's weather was so warm, it was more like summer, and I spent the days outside cleaning up the garden. Today, however, is a day of chilly spring showers and, since I can't sit and watch shoots come up and tiny leaves stretch open (I need to be there to cheer them on with little welcoming pep talks =]), I'm inside trying to remember back to last year as I dream big plans for this one.

I planted my garden, two autumns ago with spent plants that had already gone underground for the winter. Many of them had been bought for a song and a dance from nurseries trying to get rid of their surplus - especially the delphiniums. I've always dreamed of having a garden with a glorious row of delphiniums!!! They were all bought in the faith that, in the pot, there was something that would flower in a somewhat blue tone. The rest of my perennials were moved from our old house, the parsonage, after languishing untended for three years. Then, last summer, after a winter of wondering if anything would survive, I just sat back and watched it all unfold and unfurl. It was so exciting - such a magic and a joy - I can't even really explain.

It's all just a bitty start. It needs to grow and fill in quite a bit my mind's eye... I can see it spreading and expanding all over the place - wrapping itself around the house and up the hill.... raised vegetable beds over by the barns....plants down by the pond....sunflowers planted along the fence by the road.... but this was simply the happy start that I've been wanting to share with you for such a silly long time, now.... 


  1. Happy spring

  2. Always such a pleasure to visit your lovely blog...amazing photos as always, you have a very beautiful garden as well as your wondeful house xx

  3. Well for just going on faith, it turned out picture perfect! All the colors just look wonderful together. There is nothing like a showery spring day for those garden dreams . . . that's what I have today as well, though it's been unusually cold where I am, so my garden is a bit behind- except for weeds, though. :)

  4. Katy, your garden is looking stunning. I appreciate these photos are from last summer so this year I'm sure things will be filling out and spilling over, its already looking fairly well established. You (and Tom I remember!) have done a fantastic job in creating the wall. It looks like its been there forever. I love the colour scheme, your faith paid off big time!

    Beautiful mosaics and photos of course:-)

    Now you can look forward to summer all over again.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  5. Katy - You have fantastic dreams in your garden. All that color - love it love it. Every year I think I am going to do more with my garden but come spring, I get lazier and lazier. There just never seems to be enough time. Perhaps I need to get off the computer more often. HaI
    Keep dreaming sweet Katy!
    xo Catherine

  6. Dear Katy,

    Somehow I missed your post........How pretty it is! Those blues, pinks and lilac...they are just the sort of colours I want for my garden as well. It all looks so dreamy! Like you I love delphiniums! Especially in combination with roses. I see we have lots of similar plants in our garden.

    Your roses were doing very well last year. Unfortunately about three or four of my roses did not survive the heavy frost we had. Somehow I still hope new shoots will appear.... Can you tell me what the name is of the rose in fore last photo? It has such a beautiful shade!

    I will email you soon. There is a lot I want to tell you!!!

    Wish you a happy weekend!


    Madelief xox

  7. A lovely garden Katy! I could gaze upon these flowers all day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

    1. i visited both of your blogs today and what a wonderful experience! your pictures are both vivid and beautiful! awesome!

  8. Hello Katy:
    Dearest Katy, what a joy this all is. Your border is absolutely lovely in all those soft, dreamy shades which never fail to delight and which, for us, are so very perfect. Delphiniums, the aristocrats of the garden, or so we always believe, and which are amongst our favourite perennials. Sadly, in all the years of gardening in Herefordshire, we had very limited success with them largely, we think, because of their dislike of heavy clay which we were on. Delphinium 'Alice Artindale' is a wonderful double of spikes of violet blue in summer. If you can ever track it down, then you are on to a winner. As for foxgloves, which we adore and which we allowed to self seed, try for Digitalis x mertonensis which is fully perennial and has flowers the colour of crushed strawberries.

  9. So- once again, my Lovely- a few days ago, I tried a comment- but I couldn´t start my account to answer- and now I have a little bit time...

    I hope, you feel good!

    Your garden dream is now real and I love the colors of flowers, you have chosen. My favourite colors, too...
    That little step of stones looks great- a good work!

    Last Sunday, I had to think of you- last year you had such a wonderful post of your husbands church- I didn´t forgot it.

    Your new photo on the side looks so beautiful :-)

    Enjoy your Easterweekend with your family and puppies-

    a big hug to you- Ines

  10. Hi Katy,
    You must be so excited with the results last year and looking forward to it's return soon.
    I love the wine rose you shared -I wonder which one it is?I love the photos you shot of the delphiniums too.
    Hope we both can get out and enjoy our gardens soon.

    Take care,

  11. oh, katy!

    so beautiful and your sharp photos capture it all so nicely. i'm sure it's just breathtaking in person.

    happy spring!


  12. Jeepers, your garden is absolutely beautiful, absolutely my kind of dreamy,soft planting! So delighted to have discovered your blog via Curlew Country.

    Happy Easter from a fellow flower lover! x

  13. Hi Kathy...was that your puppy ???...i really do not no any more ......i was foeget to put a name on in.......sorry that i ues it wthout asking !!!...i wonder what song you mean....with our wedding day previous year ???....i hev had the flu for three weeks so no church for me husband was going alone o sad for me...have a nice second easter day darling lots of love from is your pup doing???