Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Out like an.....ummm.....a!

Alrighty, firstly, if you please, click on this and, at the end, you can tell me if this doesn't sound just like spring bird song? =]

(It goes with the post....=])


While many of you are posting about your brightly colorful spring gardens, here in Vermont, we're only just enjoying the blustery beginnings of spring. A sudden burst of summery weather in March absolutely annihilated the snow and sprung us into the growing season quite suddenly. Indeed, in March, while everyone was reminding each other that, "ayuh! For sure we could still get three feet of snow in April," we were, in fact, enjoying green grass, growing gardens and eighty-plus degree weather.  (That's twenty seven-plus for you Celsius people.) In short, summer!

It's been absolutely wonderful!

However, as March left us, so did the hot weather, but there's not been an April Shower to be had, this month! Instead, for weeks, now, it's been absolutely blustering wind! It's green and beginning, though, with lovely cool temperatures.

I love Spring! So light and bright! Such a time of new beginning, indeed! I never quite understood it when I lived in ever-sunny California. It's such an indescribable joy after the cold and dark winter. No wonder there's so much poetry written about it - honestly!

With the still slightly chilly and brisk weather, we've been outside soaking in the sun and, then, running back inside to warm up our toes, stiff fingers and nipped noses. I've been having incredible fun cooking seasonal and warming foods and playing at being a food photographer (but that's a story for another post. ;-)) All the while, I've been listening to sparkling, intimate chamber music - especially Mozart - and we've simply been enjoying day after quiet day of clear blue skies and something new and delicately growing, every time we look. All the while, that wind puffs and pushes and blows and blusters and howls around us - roaring like a lion down the hill.

Remember? This is just the end of February....

Then, the beginning of March and considering cleaning up the garden detritus.... (isn't it pretty, still, though? =])

Then, what a surprise! I completely don't remember planting crocus!

Two constant gardening friends... very curious!


and, this CD contains two of the most achingly, gorgeously, exquisitely played chords ever expressed! Thank you, Mr. Barenboim forever and ever for giving them to us!!!

In the meantime, I just know that the gentle lamb of spring is right around the corner, somewhere, here! But, there's no rush! We love you spring - stay and rest awhile!


  1. Hello Katy:
    Oh, dearest Katy, what joy there is in this post and what music, which continues to play to us as this is written. Spring is, of course, the most wonderful time of year, bringing with it all the hope of Easter which, for us, remains the most significant and glorious of all periods in the calendar of the Church.

    And to accompany this post you have chosen such an eclectic mix of delightful images, united by a common theme of the wonder and goodness of Nature with birds, flowers and creatures in abundance not to mention those comfort foods of which you write.

    Have a lovely, lovely spring, Katy, and enjoy every single moment.

    1. Now, I'm all full of smiles, again! I can always count on several of you to just catch the mood - the joy. How grateful I am for similar hearts and minds. What a relief to have you to share it with!

      Hugs and spring kisses to you both! =]

    2. You know, I just have to laugh....

      Having just read "The Secret Garden", it makes absolutely perfect sense to me that the outdoors, freshening and strengthening wind and a hearty appetite for comfort food should all go together. =]


  2. Sigh! heh, heh, heh... Yup! Spring is just dandy!

  3. Dear Katy,

    I just turned off Nat King Cole, so that I could hear Mozart's allegro in F. It sounds beautiful, light and airy. It's the perfect background music to accompany your blog post!

    The photo's of your garden look lovely! I just took another peek at your 'summer garden post'. So so pretty!! I am happy to see the first signs of spring in your garden too; the leaves on the trees and the crocuses. I enjoyed reading about your plans for part of your garden too. We love the same sort of flowers. I just scattered two packages of forget me not seeds over my front garden :-). The ranunculae is such a pretty flower too. I often buy it at the market to take home with me. Somehow it doesn't want to grow in my garden though. It must be the soil. We garden on heavy clay. Perhaps the ranuncalae needs more stylish soil ;-)!

    I am really ashamed to say that I still have to send you an email. It was my intention to do it tonight, but I can't find your emailaddress. My husband has emptied our mailbox :-( Do you mind sending me a mail, so that I can reply to you?

    My parcel is on it's way to you too. I think the postman can bring it around any day now! I didn't send tea cups in the end...I did not want to take the risk. I sent some cups to England recently which did not arrive in one piece..... Although scarves bring happiness I felt sad about it. Hopefully you will like what I sent you :-)

    Well I am off to bed now. Have to wake up at 5.45 am again!

    Happy day!

    Veel lieve groetjes van Madelief xox

  4. Oh, forgot to say that your soup looks delicious too. Is it spinach soup? xox Madelief

    1. cream of watercress...

      More about that later! =]

  5. Your spring is beautiful! So glad to know you are truly enjoying it . . .

  6. Thank you for your most lovely post! I have just returned from the Amazon site where I have purchased the Mozart CD you referenced! After viewing your beautiful photos and listening to Mozart, I feel as though I stepped away from my studio and went on a short, but oh so relaxing, vacation. I will now anxiously await the arrival of my CD and in the meantime slow down to take in all of spring that reamains before the hot days of summer arrive.

  7. Wonderful shots- a new fern is born- my favourite- I love ferns. The soup looks healthy and tasty.
    Enjoy your spring feeling!
    XO- Ines

  8. Your photos are glorious dear Katy! I love your little purple crocus. Those cute little flowers just scream 'spring is here'! You lucky girl. Love the little lambs ~ so cute!
    xo Catherine

  9. Good Morning, Dear-

    thank you for your comment- yes, it was my birthday and my loveley daughter created this beautiful table for me... I had a really bad influence and I felt soooo bad that weekend. That fairy isn´t a drawing- it´s only a napkin- but it was perfect between all those fairies and unicorns...

    Yes- you are right- we are really similar- it´s like coming home, visiting your blog- looking at your beautiful face and watching the pics of your life- I feel good here :-)

    Enjoy your day- XO- Ines♥

  10. Girl! You are a rockin' awesome photographer!

    (did that take you back to California? had to give it a try)

    Your photos are just achingly beautiful. They speak to my heart. And thank you for this beautiful music from my second favorite composer! (Verdi and Bach go back and forth to the #1 position.)

    Your visits to my little cottage are always such a delight, so thank you for buzzing in for a little visit. (don't you just wish you could demand a latte and it would appear - only on Mother's Day at our house)

  11. Dear Katy

    How lovely to listen to Mozart whilst reading your post, such a light touch and so spring-like. Love the eclectic images here, especially your home under a lovely starry night sky.

    We had the same weather here in the UK in March, hot summer temperatures and not a drop of rain. We are now in the throes of the 'wettest drought' ever - don't ask!

    Sorry I'm so late with this comment, somehow it ducked under my radar.

    Have a lovely weekend.


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