Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where HAVE I been?????

Well, I hate to say it but I have been hangin' with a wild crowd for more than a couple months, now.

It started out innocently and gently enough....

Then, they started knowing their own minds and what they wanted. At first, I thought that I could handle it - especially with the help of my young friend, K, who had a certain technique to make the wild things forget all their worries.

(above) K's nifty-difty, handy-dandy, soporific weight lifting technique! Without fail - zonk!

But, they grew....

Then, it was time for shoe sniffing lessons.

which often turned into a version of "get him!!!!"

Also, stick chewing lessons. (Very important.)

Good puppy!

There were "act like a baby" lessons.

Advanced shoe chewing lessons.

NO! NO skirt chewing and pulling, please!!!

(This year, all of my skirts survived.)

and, there was absolutely no need for tail wagging lessons


A rare moment (but a mere second of a pause)...

and, then, there were just plain hanging out lessons.

(I'm tired mom...)

I think that's when it happened to me. I fell in love with the gang!

What fun times. I'll never forget!!!


  1. Hello my friend!!! I have been wondering what had happened to you and in fact was thinking last night that I must write you an email to find out how you are doing. Looks like you've been even busier than normal! Sending you hugs, N.

  2. Dearest Katy Noelle,

    What a lovely post! So now you're also a Pet-Parent for those precious, sweet babies. That for sure is unforgetable for you and your children; what a joy and important life's lesson!
    Love to you,


  3. Hi Katy Noelle,

    It's lovely to hear from you again. These puppies are so adorable. I want one. Hugs xxx Liz

  4. Hi Katy,

    How sweet the gang looks! They must have been such a joy to you and your family. When looking at your photo's, one of the first things that comes into my mind is how much your boy's have grown over the past months/year. Time does go fast!

    Thank you for you comments on my blog too. You know I always enjoy reading them! I look forward to see your dresses and skirts :-)! What a pity people in your church don't care about their clothes very much. A simple dress or skirt that looks good on you can lift your spirit so much. It does that to me.

    Wish you a happy day full of sunshine!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  5. Hi Katy......o my...so so so so so sweet puppy's !!...do you have one for me????...so lovely....i adore them !!...may i use some pictures on my blog???...love and enjoy them.....Ria...xxx...

  6. Look at you hangin" with the kids! They are rather adorable - I would jealously screen all potential owners and probably end up keeping them all until one day I would end up like the old woman who lived in a shoe except with overgrown feral teen-dogs..... Oh, that's my real life isn't it!

    So nice to hear your sunny voice again,

    Sarah xXx

  7. Katy Noelle,
    I just found your blog and am in love with your pictures!! They are absolutely beautiful and you captured the personalities of those beautiful puppies so well!! Great job!

  8. Dear Katy

    Its lovely to see a post from you again! Those pups are so sweet - I love the photo of them all in the barrow! They grow so quickly so I can understand you wanting to spend time with them.

    Thank you for your recent comments on my blog too.

    Have a great weekend!


  9. Dear Katy, i am new to your blog and wanted to say hello :) the puppies are so cute and adorable. thank you for sharing.

  10. Hi Katy,

    Just read your comment. The wedding you are going to sounds so exciting!!! I hope you will have a lovely time. The wedding we had was lovely. It was our first Muslim wedding and simply beautiful. The bride looked a picture in a green satin dress with a matching scarf and all those stylishly dressed ladies......

    You asked me about Amsterdam and the other old Dutch cities. I LOVE them!!! Each time I walk along the canals, I feel privileged and grateful for living here. There is so much history. It's all so beautiful. I totally understand the tourist who come over here :-)!!!

    Wish you a lovely weekend,

    Madelief x

  11. Fall in love indeed! Oh those sweet little faces! No wonder you have not been around dearest Katy! Who could resist the joy of playing with these cherubs!

    Happy August!
    xo Catherine

  12. I think I could fall madly in love with each and everyone of these oh so adorable puppies. Seriously, I cannot stop looking at their little faces. So precious. ~ Wishing you lovely summer days Katy.

  13. They are so precious...this doesn't help me being puppy hungry.


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