Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Yes'm, If you Please'm" ~ Mrs. Tiggy Winkle

Well, now!

With all of the puppies and sniffles from colds and really busyness from Easter and even not fully having put everything away from the tea...

... I'm a titch behind in my chores.

I've been working my tootsies off, I have!

I've earned a blogging break.


The laundry basket is a clue to my latest project.

(Actually, this whole house is a project - you'd better get used to it!)

I was just photographing my partner in crime (the basket) when I looked up and realized something.

It's a gorgeous day!

{Actually, on this post, if you want to see a bit more of what I saw, I encourage you to enlarge some of these photos.}


I wish that you could smell and hear it, also. The breeze is always around and the brook across the road is bubbling and plashing away and there are leaves rustling in the wind!  (Every year, it always takes me more than a moment to realize that my heart is jumping and why - The leaves are back and rattling in the wind. What a soul moving sound that is!) Birds and spring peepers (baby frogs) are singing - you know - spring sounds!

It smells so

That's it!

Everything is  fresh!

The lawn is like velvet and the leaves are more like sprinkling sparkles.

It's, almost unreal .


Camera in hand, I started taking photographs of any and everything in every direction.

(and breathing it all in, of course.)

It was at this point that my youngest son, Toby, asked me what I was doing.

"Taking pictures of textures."

"What are textures?" (Except, he couldn't quite say the word.)

(put on your thinking caps for a wee moment if you please'm)

  1. a: something composed of closely interwoven elements: a woven cloth b: the structure formed by the threads of a fabric
  2. a: the essential part of something b: an identifying quality: CHARACTER
  3. a: the size and organization of small constituent parts of a body or substance <textures of a plant stem>; b: the visual or tactile surface characteristics and appearance of something c: the characteristic consistency esp. of a liquid or semiliquid [fluidity] d: grain [i.e. wood]
  4.  a: the smaller features of a rock that depend on the size, shape, arrangement, and distribution of the component minerals [structure] b: a composite of the elements of prose or poetry c: a pattern of musical sound created by tones or lines played or sung together  [The "mosaic" of followers is, again, a perfect example of this! It is like a lovely quilt.]

Isn't it interesting that my Webster's Dictionary puts the formation of rock, poetry and music together under one sub-definition?


I love textures! Don't you?











Lacey trees







And a velvet meadow


It just might be a dream.


Katy Noelle


  1. My dear Katy-

    thank you for these wonderful pictures. You really live in a paradise! I´d like to live like you- the wide land- the large trees- peace...

    Enjoy your pause- the puppies- enjoy everything you do...

    I´d wish, that you had more time for us readers, cause I like your thoughts and the style you are writing... maybe you could answer sometimes, if you have the time for to our comments...

    so if it´s time... enjoy every spring day in Vermont...

    Love and Hugs- Ines

  2. Can I come and live there! It looks sooooo beautiful! Cx

  3. Dear Sweet Ines and all,

    I LOVE seeing your comments. You, Ines, are a kindred spirit and so encouraging, as is, well, everyone else who leaves comments here! I'm in a bit of a conundrum because I enjoy blogging desperately much but I find that the computer dulls my senses and awareness of what's around me. Then, on the other hand, I find that traveling the Americas and Europe is inspiring and encouraging and EXPANDING. I, especially, have to be careful because I find that blogging is very addicting. When I was sick, I had a lot of time to blog but not enough energy to comment coherently. This week, the boys are home from school and I am playing catch up. Also, sometimes, when I visit other's blogs, their posts are so lovely that I don't want to break the "spell" of it by commenting.

    I'm having to find my way through all of this. How are other people doing this? I have maybe 50 - 60 people following along (I can see that with my stat counter and knowing who, here in town, is reading along, too.) I wonder about the incredibly gracious Duchess of Tea. Is she super duper organized? I am sure that she is very dedicated! I was around her 500th follower and she is, now, approaching 1,000 in just a few short months - she has a lot of love that she spreads around!!! =] How does she do it?

    All that I know is that the especial friends that I've made through blogging - some through regular comments and some because they've opened up their hearts and a bit of their lives through their posts - are very precious people. The burrough of blogland that we inhabit is full of intelligent, gracious and lovely people.

    If anyone has any advice to offer regarding all of this or any insight garnered through experience. PLEASE, feel free to let me know!

    Love, hugs and kisses, Katy

  4. Hi Kathy Noelle,

    Thank you for taking us with you and let us see what you see, and feel what you feel. Such a beautiful environment you live in with the lake, the big trees, the meadow. For a city girl like me it looks like the perfect place to have your home. Even your laundry basket with the florals looks pretty!! How is the progress on the garden? Looking forward to hear and see more.

    On sunday we have an afternoon tea in our garden. I have already prepared several things (scones, fairy cakes and maple pecan muffins), but will do the rest tomorrow. I hope it will be a sunny day.

    Wish you a happy weekend, enjoy your break! Will miss your posts.

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  5. It certainly looks like a dream to me! What a glorious place and what a morning! Glad you were smart enough to put down that (so very pretty) laundry basket and took time to smell the air and feel the texture XX

  6. Sweetest Katy Noelle, I love all your comments on my blog. Thank you thank you. Wishing you a wonderful, grand weekend. And a pleasant perfect break, enjoy! XOXOXO

  7. Yes, my wonderful friend-

    you are SOOOO right!
    I know that!
    I deletet my blog for 3 times- that´s blog no. 4.
    I alway wrote about my sportslife- but I am more. I run half an hour a day- after that I do my workout- but there are 23 hours also. Everybody is versatile.
    And you, lovely dear showed me a new way of blogging- you inspired me- so I decoratet my blog in a new way and trust to show a little bit more of me :-)
    I found many blogs in a same way. But like you I have 3 children- a husband- a big house- a big garden- shopping- cooking- houseworking- time for children- time for my puppy and 6 animals more... I really know, what you mean.
    Some people are alone- they have time for blogging and looking in every blog and comment...
    But we also need time for us! Otherwise we get ill... and the really people are around us...

    but I don´t wanna miss you- so I hope, you enjoy your pause and come back refreshed :-)
    I really wish, to have you in my near- for a cup of coffee or tea- our children play together and you play me a wonderful song on piano... :-)))

    Hugs and kisses, my dear- Ines

  8. poetic!

    i love your description of trees as lacey. so fresh.

    happy weekend ~*~


  9. Lovely Katy Noelle, I did as told and enlarged the photos and what a treat. Darling your surroundings are equal to paradise. If only we can add sound and scent to the photos!!! Well, actually I added them myself in my mind and enjoyed the post tremendously. A nice finish to my day in the garden and tomorrow darling I am going to clean my cottage and made it spotless. Thank you so much my sweetie for the kind comment you left for me, I love reading your comments and your blog.

    Your number 1 fan

  10. Katy Noelle, I so appreciate your sweet comment on my artwork post. I am sorry that I am just now coming to your blog to comment, but it has been an extremely busy couple of weeks for me. First the art show, and then I just returned from a week out of town. I think we are definitely kindred spirits. I know that with a love of Victoria, being a pastor's wife, and being a keeper at home, we have a lot in common. I think your place is so beautiful. And I am such a Beatrix Potter fan and love Tiggy Winkle!! My first child's nursery was all done in B. Potter characters, from Peter Rabbit to Jemima Puddle Duck to Jeremy Fisher... those are all dear to me when I think back to those days. I look forward to reading more posts and catching up a bit.



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