Monday, April 19, 2010

Itty Bitty Tid Bits

Photo by Suzanne Nielsen

 They say that one should keep the content of one's blog varied and moving.

Therefore, I will show you day 2 of puppies.





Halle and Flopsy are very good friends. Halle lets Flopsy crawl all over her and Flopsy is forever trying to groom Halle. Halle, however, knows that grooming the bunny is a no no! Flopsy, on the other hand, does not mind getting whacked by Halle's tail. In fact, I think that, somehow, he rather likes it.

They're both extremely loving animals.

Flopsy was given the chance to go and roam free but he just wanted to stay nearby and hopped in here to take a very cautious, closer look. 



Photo by Suzanne Nielsen

David (the one with the grin), true to his name, is a tender shepherd. Him and Halle are best friends. Indeed, we've joked that Halle thinks of him as her puppy. He actually was a bit concerned that Halle would forget all about him when she had real pups. We told him that this wasn't a time to worry about himself but that, now,  Halle needed his encouragement. He's taken the task to heart.

Actually, Halle often sleeps in David's bed - or under.

On Friday night, she rather thought that that is where she would prefer to have her puppies.

Well, David asked us to wake him up when the puppies were here. He said, "slap me awake if you have to. Make sure I see them!)

When Daddy went up at 3 in the morning, he said to David, "wake up! Halle had 8 puppies!"

David said, "she ate her puppies?"

"No, David, she had 8 puppies!"

"Why did she eat her puppies?"

"She didn't eat  her puppies. Do you want to come down and see them?"

"No, I sleep now."

We let him sleep but pinched him awake, a short while later, after the last puppy was born. It was a precious time.

(He really did smile quite a bit!)



 In other news ....

I, also, am happy to report that, on Friday, when Halle went into labor, my cold had greatly receded (just).

Yes, Edith! You hit the nail right on the head when you (somewhat jokingly) said that I was now a "midwife". I didn't realize that that is how it would be but that is just how I felt! It was very touching how much Halle wanted us (and a couple of times, needed) us to be a part of the process. She was depending on us and would come and get us or whine for us if we weren't in the box with her.

So ....

We've had a couple of nights sleep and feel better and Mom and the puppies are getting stronger and stronger

it's spring break and the boys will be home from school for a week;


That's the update.


Over and out!


Katy Noelle 


  1. Oh dear Katy-

    thank you for the lovely report!

    I´d like to hug and kiss these little babies!
    You are so lucky, to have the chance with your wonderful and beautiful Halle! She´s a great Mum and your a wonderful human Mum for the babies and for Halle!

    Your sons make me laugh! They are so lovely! The picture with the tidy one- wonderful! And big proud to hold the little puppies!

    Enjoy every day! I hope, you have good new parents for these little dogs! I send you an angel to find good one :-)

    Have a wonderful Monday- enjoy your day! And I am glad, that your cold is gone! Look out for you...
    I answerd you in my post... yes your German is really good- you were right- my health- my body is the temple for my soul and I care for it with much sports and good food! Thank you for your wonderful comment!

  2. Dear Katy, Gosh, what a lot has been happening in the Sunny Spot. What next? Puppy training kindergarten? Have you chosen names for them all yet? Do they have new homes ready and waiting? How will you juggle breakfast for 13 or is it 14? Is the bothy on hold?

    So many questions, so little time to answer.....enjoy!!

  3. How wonderful that the boys are on spring break this week to give extra love and attention to those adorable puppies! Thanks for sharing - GREAT photos! Cassandra ♥

  4. Dear Edith,

    I cannot even hold my thoughts together enough to answer. I was thinking that I would just move in to the "puppy box" and ooh and ahh forever! I'm afraid that I've been completely forgetting to feed my family till 8:oo at night! (To be slightly fair, they're forgetting that they need to eat until 8:00 and it's still so bright outside nowadays - we haven't gotten used to it - we're all completely and thoroughly happily thrown off.)

    The firstborn and lightest colored ones name is #1 (I want to keep her). One of the last was the biggest and darkest and we call him Chubbs Jr., after his father (Tom wants to keep that one.) I HAVE to remember to mention that it's 2 boys and 7 girls and we have 5 or 6 possible/probable homes for them.

    Tom is, at this very moment, out working on completion of the wall. I don't know who will win - the stones or Tom. I think that Tom is the more stubborn one, though! Then, I think that moving plants is next. I'm not quite sure what order projects are in. They're all dependant on the one before them being accomplished. You know, I think that I will just hide out in the puppy box, after all!

    The pond and the fresh new leaves are sparkling and fresh and the air is crisp after the last few days of storminess. I think my most pending project is a walk with the boys.

    Happy day, all!

  5. The pups are gorgeous Katy. Well done Halle and you, Tom and the boys for providing such a haven of peace and safety for them all. I chuckled at the sleepy conversation David had with his dad!! I was going to ask you about names and homes - and you have beaten me to it with your comment above! If only I were living in Vermont I would bagsy one of those dear little pups:-)

    So glad your cold is much better now Katy - enjoy your walk with the boys.


    PS Thank you for your lovely comment yesterday - I have replied to it on my blog:-)

  6. Such precious moments and memories for your children to walk away with! Congratulations! Glad to hear you're feeling better xx

  7. Dear Katy, Just a brief postscript to say that, unfortunately, I am unable to comment or post for the next ten days or so. But, I shall return!

  8. Wow, such precious puppies! You are really lucky! Do enjoy them while they are tiny, as they do grow so fast. But this time, when they are small, is so special. I do not have any puppies, unfortunately, but I do have 26 small lambs, and am loving it!


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