Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I have to confess to a great overwhelm as I've contemplated approaching this post. I have over a thousand pictures.... that's why I've put it off for so long but, finally, the story must be told!

It was last February.... One evening, when Lliam went out to the barn to feed the chickens, he found a surprise. In a box that we had made insulated and warm for the stray cats....

As it turned out, gray mama kitty did not appreciate us handling her kittens and, the next morning, when we came out, we discovered that she had moved them.

Then, one month later, the day before I was due to have another operation (silly, dang things, those operations!), Tom saw mama gray kitty moving her babies into the milk house. Tom opened the door and there they were. He scooped them up and brought them in and, instead of cooking dinners ahead and preparing for the next couple of days recuperating, I stared at and tried to tame wild, ferocious kittens.






(it's hard work being fierce and ferocious, apparently!)

We very soon convinced them to bottle feed and to try a little bit of canned food...
(poor little hungry dears!)

...and, slowly, they learned to trust us.

Still, it was exhausting work, being cute...

and, finally, they began to call me 'Mommy'!

To be continued....


  1. There's nothing cuter than kittens. I hope they do become properly domesticated - it will be interesting to see how they develop (and I hope you are recovering too).

    1. Oh, Marianne! Thank you for your wonderfully kind comment! :) Happily, this was a year ago and you will very much appreciate how the story unfolds. ;)

      =) xo

  2. They are so so cute, what a lovely story Katy, thank
    you for sharing x

  3. Hope you are well Katy? 'Another' operation sounds horrible!! The cats look sooooo sweet!!! I can imagine why you take a thousand photo's :-)

    Take care!

    Madelief x

  4. I am melting ....what a sweeties Katy ....love from me Ria x

  5. Please spay and neuter these animals so they dont contribute to more unwanted animals. All animals deserve warm loving homes.

    1. Hi, Debra! And, yes!! We wholeheartedly agree! and it's been a project to catch and, if we can, tame but, whichever, to get these cats 'fixed' so that we don't have "Cats here, cats there, Cats and kittens everywhere, Hundreds of cats, Thousands of cats, Millions and billions and trillions of cats." Happily, our local shelter will fix cats for free! :) x

  6. As a cat lover I so appreciate you bringing the feral kittens inside to tame. I have an 8 year old cat that had been born feral and still I cant pet her however she does let me feed her and refuses to go outside,Im sure she's afraid she wont get back in!!
    Its possible a local animal agency may help you with spay and nuetering them. Good Luck with those beautiful kitties


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