Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tea 2!

Only three weeks into the new year and I have, now, had TWO tea parties!

It's a very good omen! ;) 


  1. Oh how I love tea parties! Wish I could have joined you. Everything looks lovely.

    1. Thank you, Julie! And aren't tea parties just the bomb? ;) Truly - the conversation, the laughter - all wrapped in a rosy glow - and so sweet and yummy! I don't know - I just love them!! ;) Julie - would LOVE to have you over for tea!!! :D


  2. Dearest Katy,

    What a perfect beginning of the New Year! Your table looks beautiful, with the amazing cake, your beautiful porcelain and yellow roses. I enjoyed seeing your friends too. They look really happy to be seated at such a smart looking table!!

    Just read your comment on my blog. Yes, we had a bit of snow, but not that much really. It started about six in the morning and everything was gone four hours later. I did not mind that much. It meant I could go to my garden and do some work :-) Is it still white in Vermont? It must look magical! Hope you are well Katy? I have been thinking about you often!

    Sending you love,

    Madelief xox


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