Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Price of Sugar!

In the next month I will:

~ Celebrate the baptisms of my two oldest boys.

~ Celebrate my mom's, my husband's and my middle son's birthdays.

~ spring clean up my garden!
(Just so there's no confusion after my last post, the snow has just barely melted off and there are only a few shoots from bulbs poking up so far - it is a MESS!)

~ Cut all three of my sons' hair and get out the summer clothes because...

~ I will be spending ten days with the family in California - back home where I grew up!

So, I will be...

~ going sailing a lot, spending time at favorite museums (J.Paul Getty), going to Disneyland =D, wandering down garden paths and visiting with my dear, precious best friends out there!!! xo =)

~ I will, also, be forging ahead with photographic assignments and goals.

~  and, oh boy! Speaking of forging ahead... we have to keep moving along with serious house renovations that we're in the middle of because there's a time sensitive issue involved.


~ and I will be singing the soprano solo in the Mozart Requiem!
(~ and trying to lose five pounds for it all - just cuz! Does anyone have a long black gown that I can borrow?)

~ I know there's something I've forgotten.

oh, yeah!

~ Preparing for a show of my photography at our little local library in June. I think that my theme will be, 'in the garden!' ;-)
(Where do I even start? Need to choose images, buy mats and find frames, get things printed up! but, perhaps, that will happen NEXT month.)


I am drowning in good things!

and what do these images have to do with the price of sugar?

Nothing that I can see.



P.S.  The little heart pin cushion in the first image was made with all vintage and antique items. It's just one of those fun, sweet things that I have that brings me joy! =)


  1. Hi, beautiful Lady!

    A month full with a lot of wonderful days!

    So I wish you all the best for all what will come...

    My twins have their confirmation , me and my husband will have our birthday, too and we celebrate the year of our first date. So lets start this April :-)

    I wish, that I could hear you singing !

    A big hug, Ines

  2. Dear Katy,

    Your month sounds absolutely delightful! So many happy things indeed! Your holiday to California and your solo in the requiem sound very exciting. I wish you lots and lots of you :-)

    Hope the sun will come out soon and with it higher temperatures, so that you can get into the garden to take photo's for your exhibition!

    Love from Rotterdam,

    Madelief xoxo

  3. California??? Warm sunny California?? Take me with you please!! Waaaaaaaaa!!!

    How wonderful ~ a showing of your photography ~ I love it!!

    Have fun enjoying that weather my friend.

    xo Catherine

  4. Katy, this is such an entertaining and fun post and I had to chuckle but also understand what a challenge it is to juggle so many things, no matter how wonderful. Congratulations on singing the Requiem and your upcoming show. I hope they are both great successes!

  5. I am really, really, REALLY thrilled for you about your photo exhibit, Katy! That is fabulous.

    And I really, really, REALLY sympathize about the house renovations. We must be leading parallel lives. ;-)

    Take lots and lots and lots of pictures in California.

    Is there something with trios of words here? Do you see a pattern?

    I came back home to blog today, and the men are missing... their mess is not. But I can live wth it as long as I don't have to see it. They did replace some of the bricks. Some. There is a lot to go yet.



  6. It all sounds totally gorgeous. . . . . .Enjoy the sunshine!
    Love Helen xx

  7. Love the picture of your tea pot and pretty. Wonderful to spend time with family and friends.


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