Saturday, March 16, 2013

Think Spring!

Well, here is a first! There's so much to say but I really don't want to say much.

I do feel, though, that I should apologize for being such a silent bloggy friend for the past couple of months. I've been in a cacoon!!! There is so much going on in me - in my brain and in my heart - and soooo many things that I'm learning - I have my finger in an awful lot of pies and all that - and, I think that it's getting rather crowded in here and I may just start poking my way out of the cryssalis any day, now. But, not quite yet, please! Just.... in the meantime... if you would... er... be patient and don't forget about me! heh. ;-) =]

There is one thing that I would like to share, though. (Besides dreams of my garden, last spring, I mean.)

Every spring, I find myself listening to chamber music and, last year, at about this time, I discovered a new (to me) composer - Joaquin Turina. He's sort of a cross between Debussy and Ravel and his music is completely engaging and deeply charming. Indeed, I secretly suspect that he's their long lost cousin! Here is a link to the CD with my best loved version by the Damocles trio that I've been listening to almost non-stop.  My favorite movement, at the moment, is the second movement of his quartet in a minor.

So, I've been in the cocoon with earbuds on and this is the music that I've been so happily steeped in as I've been creating these images!

...and, then, there's my garden.... =]


Happy spring dreams to you all!



I you do like Ravel and are interested in a charismatic performance....



  1. Abby is concerned about the squirrel and thinks you need to hire an Alert Labrador!

  2. Yeah spring is coming but when ???? is cold here in Holland......i hope it will come soon...i need spring !!!

  3. Dear Kazzy,

    A joy to visit your blog and see those spring photographs. Your garden looked really lovely last year. I see you have thing with pink, mauves and blues too :-)! Aren't they the prettiest shades! Your white house looks beautiful in the background. It's a bit like a 'dream house' to me!

    I can imagine you doing things in the house while listening to the music! Have a lovely weekend dear friend! Only a little while longer....spring is on our doorstep :-)


    Madelief x

  4. Oh my GOODNESS, the photos were gorgeous...I could almost smell those iris. And the music was lovely, too. Thanks for sharing the link. Flowers and music, a perfect combination. Nice to see your post. Susan

  5. Oh, now I know where spring is hiding. :) Lovely to see so much green beauty and I adore all the flowers. I can't wait for the warmth to come here and when the garden will turn green (it's still very grey and brown here). Beautiful photographs and music. Have a lovely week ahead! xx

  6. I'm trying hard to think spring but it's not very easy to do with all this snow. :(
    Hope all is well with you sweet friend!
    Many hugs!
    xo Catherine

  7. Such pretty photos! Im waiting for spring to here on my little piece on earth....but it looks like it will take a bit longer.....we had some more snow here in Sweden.....:)Well, its almost easter and I can FEEL that spring is not far away either.:)
    For now Im going to go trough my seeds to see how
    much I can handle and make some plans for the garden.....
    I hope you will be back here soon!

  8. You really have an eye for capturing the beauty of nature, such stunning photos! And your garden is just beautiful, I love the array of wildlife!

  9. Believe me, I am thinking Spring, but good old Father Winter has decided to stick around a bit longer :0( Those photos are amazing, love that nutty squirrel! Hugs and wishes for a lovely season XO

  10. Hi Katy you have recorded some wonderful images here all showing the start of spring. Here in the UK we are still under a blanket of snow, although some flowers are trying to push their heads above it.

  11. Excellent photo shoot with pretty images! Spring is over here !

  12. Well of course I like Ravel! Debussy, Faure....but especially Ravel...have you heard of the Quatuor Ebene? check them out here... they have a brilliant album of string quartets by Ravel, Debussy and Faure...oh and much more....I'm off to check out Joaquin Turina...thanks!

    Love Sarah -x-x-x-

    ps you have weatherboard! Weatherboard is cool! (except when it needs painting and looks like a new development in microbiology....see the Lane!)

  13. thanks for sharing.

  14. A wonderful Eastertime, Darling Katy !

    I hope you are ok !

    Your wonderful pics let us dream from spring. It is sad for the nature, that the winter don't wanna go.

    I still know your garden in the beginning and it is great, that you can looking forward to such a parade of flowers.

    Kisses, Ines

  15. Beautiful blog Katy. The garden looks gorgeous.

  16. Good to hear from you Katy and glad that Spring is on it's way. We are still struggling with snow but hopefully in a couple more weeks verything will burst into life.

    Your garden looks amazing :-)

  17. Beautiful photos! I'm a new follower, found your blog through the 'Aiken House and Garden' blog. I love the one with the squirrel, great shot, and all your flowers are gorgeous.

  18. Your garden looks so beautiful! Such gorgeous floral photos!

  19. Stunningly beautiful!

    And it's always fun to see the little red squirrels. Our little guys are grey.