Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stop Press!


Twenty years ago, I saw my first hellebore or Lenten rose. I was smitten but, alas, didn't have a garden. Actually, I was still wrangling with the idea of what a perennial was (I was just a poor, simple, California girl, after all - used to the tradition of gardens filled with annuals... ;-) ) Anyway, hellebore aren't easy to find in most nurseries in the US and, then, they're a bit pricey. Finally, the time was ripe and, this spring, I discovered them tucked away in the corner of this nursery - Hemingway Farms. Into the newly dug corner of my garden two plants went, this past July, along with foxglove and columbine - both of which bloomed sweetly for me, this past September and October.

Seasonally, Hemingway Farms looks like a small but charming produce and flower stand from the road but, when one explores further down the path behind, there is a beautiful hillside garden (resplendent in the summer), swaths of hard to find perennials, greenhouses overflowing with particularly pretty annuals and beyond that, fields where they grow their own produce and keep their own bees, etc.

It is a lovingly tended venture and a place that I absolutely love to visit. Not only that, but the girls who work there are as sweet and kind and lovely as can be. It's a joy all around and I thought that it would be fun to share it with you, dressed in its autumnal colors!

Oh! ...and, look what I found blooming in my garden, this past week!

My very first....



P.S. My heart and my prayers go out to those who were effected by hurricane Sandy (not forgetting Cuba!) - it just has to be said! We were fine, here. It was only a blustery night.


  1. What a gorgeous place to visit. I would be there all the time!

  2. Glad you are safe.

    This is just beautiful!


  3. Oh my!!! What a glorious post!!! Beautiful in so many ways and the colors are exquisite!! Thank you!!! And Happy Halloween! Cathy

  4. Hello Katy:
    Hemingway Farms looks exactly the type of plant nursery which we would have been delighted to come across in our gardening days. One instinctively knows when somewhere is cherished by its owners and where the staff are happy to work there.

    The nursery in its autumn glory is definitely stunning with a wealth of interesting plant material to tempt one with. Surely, one would not be able to leave empty handed? And, the produce looks to be so wonderfully fresh and is presented so carefully and well.

    And, joy upon joy your first Hellebore. They are such delightful flowers. They have all the appearance of being fragile and needing a lot of fuss whereas they are hardy and relatively carefree. We love them!

    We are relieved to hear that you are all safe after the storm. The news of so many in such distress is appalling.

  5. Dear Katy,

    I am glad you found your Hellebore! It is a very pretty variety too! We have them in the garden as well, in white, burgundy red and a speckled variety, which looks a bit like yours. We put the all in a dark corner under the hazel tree, which they brighten up in spring.

    You know, I just realised we must be in the same plant region, because lots of plants you have in your garden, we have in ours too :-)!

    Hemmingway farm looks like a lovely nursery. There are so many plants on display and all those pumpkins! The fruit and veg look good too. I wouldn't mind having a look there!

    Glad you came through the storm ok. We saw coverage of NY and the rest of the East coast in Holland. It looked horrible! My heart goes out to the people effected as well.

    Enjoy the time in your garden. I hope it's dry now!!

    Love, Madelief xox

  6. It all looks fab !! it !!...have a nice day love

  7. So much beautiful color in all your photos dear friend! Oh the joy you must feel as you walk with your camera and capture them all. Thank you for sharing them. My color is all gone now and I am left with those browns and whites. While they are pretty at first, they get old reeeeaaallll fast!
    Happy November Katy!
    xo Catherine

  8. WOW quelle sjolie photos!! :0) J`adore!! :0)

    Et aussi je suis votre nouveau followers!! :0)

    Bonne soirée!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  9. Katy Katy Katy!
    That head of yours.....I know about heads....I mean I know I don't know anything useful about heads other than a strong cup of rosy (tea) with two sugars is the way forward. Shall we just sit a while with our tea and our heads together looking at your freckled helebore?
    Love and tea-pots full to the brim Sarah -x-x-x-

  10. ps, to be held in the same esteem as Country Living is indeed the finest accolade this Lane will ever be given, did I mention that?
    You're very splendid to say so!

  11. Gosh Katy, what a fabulous place that is............. and your photographs are wonderful!! You have definatly captured Autumn in your post!!
    Thank you for your lovely comments you left on my blog, you say the nicest things!!
    Love Helen xx

  12. Dear Katy, your Hellebore is so pretty. It's lovely when a much longed-for plant shows itself. Fabulous nursery - so colourful!

    I was thinking of you during the hurricane, what a relief all is well and you got away with 'just' a blustery night.



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