Thursday, November 8, 2012

Last Supper

Goodness, Golly, Joe! The weather forecast is calling for snow, tonight!


According to the weather, we ought to be going to get our Christmas tree!!!

We don't have our windows washed, yet, and I don't have any of my bulbs put in...

 I mean....

Holy succotash!!!

The ground is freezing and the wind is howling and moaning down off the hill!

The thing is, September came and it has rained or blustered right through till now - no Indian summer in October, at all, really. So, a few days before Hurricane Sandy was projected to blow through, I decided that, even though it was a bit nippy, we were going to have one last picnicky fling outside.

I just want to hang on for a very short moment more to the thought of the great outdoors being hospitable because, now, noses are nipped, long johns have permanently given me Raggedy Anne legs and my face turns to ice if I don't get mummified in my scarf when I go for my evening walk (...which, by the way, seems suspiciously like it should be afternoon to me since I have to leave by 3:30 to make it home before dark.)

...a sort of 'in memoriam' for the last eke of 'summer into autumn'...

Speaking of outdoor hospitality...

This summer, I had saved a spot in the corner of the newly dug garden border for a bench. It's sheltered under the lilacs and always cool and shady there and the view is through the garden and up and over the hill. The bench was definitely a far off dream - or so I thought. I would go and take my breaks from digging and weeding there - sitting on the soft grass in the spot. Tom surprised me with an actual bench in July, which was a tremendous vote of encouragement and support for me and all of my toil!!! Eventually, I want the plants to billow out around it so that it has the feel of a somewhat private nook.

This was the last day that I could sit out there.... one can only be so stubborn in the face of chilling breezes - even with a cup of tea to warm their fingers!

...frost on the now crinkled and brown blooms that were around the bench.... (where the hellebore are still flowering on.... =])

And my Men just LOVED the idea of 'the last gasp picnic'! They really did! They thought that picnicking in the cold was a brilliant idea - i.e. deep breaths in the bracing fresh air - I mean, really LIVING!!! ;-)

...and I set the table for six instead of five (silly me - because I wanted to take pictures of it) and my young friend from up the road, Kyrionna, just happened to show up to buy some eggs and was able to join us for dinner. It was perfect! =D

and to warm us, I made a new recipe - the most delicious chicken pot pie (with cheddar/scallion biscuits) EVER! Comfort food supreme! (And, oh joy! HERE is the recipe!!! It's a really, really good one!)

...and, now that I've got that out of my system... enough of the fresh air! ;-) It's time to come indoors and enjoy hearth and home - to breathe in the scent of apple cider simmering on the stove and to warm our toes by the fire!!!

And, since there never seems to be enough daylight hours and it's always getting dark on us, I'll end again with a beautiful twilit moonrise...

The autumn evening sky that I saw as I finished the last delicious bite.


PS Hello to my new 'followers' and to those of you who leave comments - so many of you, wonderful friends, at this point - thank you! =] They are such a joy to me!!! I really ought to say it more often!


  1. Morning snow predicted tomorrow morning here in SE WA and we still have some trees that are taking their time changing their colors.

  2. Hello Katy:
    Holytoot!!!!! What a fantastic idea a picnic in the cold is. And, with a wonderfully warming chicken pot pie on the menu what could be nicer or more fun?

    In the days when we owned a car, we would often ride round with the roof down on winter days as it just seemed so much more exciting than doing the same thing when the sun was shining and everyone else was doing the same. Individuality....that is what counts and you have it in spades!!!

    Your picnic table looks so attractive set with your beautiful blue and white china. And your wooden bench is charming. Once your plantings are more established, we are certain that this will be everyone's favourite place to be!!

  3. Great idea ...eating outside in autumn...your table setting looks great !!...happy day love love

  4. You know how much I love visting you, and if you don't, you do now! What a wonderful picnic, and those dishes and flatware! I would have enjoyed Mickey D's in that setting, but your chicken pot pie looks delicious. I'm so glad you got to enjoy one last outdoor fling.

    I want you to know that I have a neighbor who runs a B&B, and she reminds me of you in many ways. She's one of my favorite people, and I always try to give her an extra dose of friendship for your sake.

    We may not be close in miles, but dropping by your blog is the next best thing!



  5. Would so enjoy sitting with you on your lovely bench and sharing a cup of tea and sharing stories!! And the picnic.. oh my! The table setting is just beautiful and I will most definitely be making the chicken pot pie. I hope it warms up a bit for you to get your bulbs planted. We'll be planting some as well this weekend - a mix of black and cream tulips. Stay warm!

  6. 8 more sleeps until I put up my Christmas tree! :D Well we have the snow for it now. Haha!
    Lovely images Katy. Who wouldn't enjoy such a fantastic feast ~ beautiful!
    xo Catherine

  7. I can just see Tom taking those deep breaths. Glad your men were more than willing to humor you. :o)

  8. Yes, I was wondering if Tom would be taking deep breaths to calm himself because of my hair-brained scheme but he, actually, seemed really well pleased. As for the boys... you know us... it was so funny - they got a bit wild (which was just fine since we were outside.) They helped willingly to cart everything in and out and they just really loved it - it was such a fun thing!


  9. That recipe sounds so good. I copied it down. Will make it soon. Your pictures are just beautiful.


  10. oh wow... that`s so gorgeous! love your dishes and the table outside ... and your autumnal inspirations as well :)
    just beautiful!!


  11. oh let me come and sit in your garden it looks so beautiful and your settings are fantastic and that food looks delicious! I don't envy you the snow though, I haven't planted my bulbs yet either!

  12. Dear Katy,

    I already read your post a week ago, but I did not leave a comment. I wanted to do it properly. You were right to enjoy that last beautiful evening outdoors! Your table and photographs look absolutely enchanting!

    You know, since I saw this post I decided to collect some blue and white transferware for at home too and guess what....I found some plates today at the thrift store. I could not believe my luck :-)!

    You decorated the table beautifully, with the blue napkins and candles and lace. It's a joy to look at. Your photo's of the blue skies and yellow leaves only add to the beauty of your post.

    Thank you for your kind email too! I will reply this weekend.

    By the way, did you get your snow? It's getting colder in Holland too!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Madelief x

  13. I have just discovered your blog. Found it by way of Susan Branch's blog. Your photos are beautiful. You must have lovely gardens/flower beds. What part of the country do you live? Thank you for sharing your blog with all of us! Julie H. from Michigan

  14. You set a beautiful 'last supper' table.I always love the freshness of blue and white dishes.You have a lovely new bench to sit and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  15. What a joy it is to visit here for the first time! And I see that I am in excellent company with Madelief here too!

    This is a truly beautiful post which embraces the joys of the cold season to come with a nostalgic look over your shoulder. Such a divine table. Those blue candles are most eyecatching. Comfort food eaten outside? Perfect. The weather in France has been most clement and sunny.

    Greetings from a happy blogger, your most recent follower.



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