Saturday, September 1, 2012

Add mine to the pile of posts about it! Mooooooooo..... =]

I have got it STUCK in my head!!!! =/

(I'm almost cross-eyed from it!)

So, if you can't, IT! One might as well enjoy it!

I like the old timey versions of this song, the best.

Take your pick:

or how about this one with the legendary Coleman Hawkins on trumpet?:

or, how about a steamy, sultry, moody moon?

and, who could resist this one... =D

as a matter of fact, I found this whole youtube channel of different versions of the song.

I've been listening to it ALL MORNING LONG!

(chuckle, chuckle, nicker, nicker, nicker, guffaw..... =D It's driving the boys NUTS! =])

My attempts at photographing it, last night were pitiful, though.

The blue moon was Hubungousable as it, dressed in a gorgeous orangey/pink, rose over the horizon. I grabbed my camera and tripod and Tom drove me up to the top of our hill but... where did it go??????

For thirty minutes it glowed from behind a cloud that must have been three miles long - and not moving at all. I sat and waited, a warm breeze blowing through the dry hayfield and crickets all around. I was almost asleep (our family was hitting desperate tiredness levels from the end of the first week of school mornings.) When it started to break through, it was still lovely. I just didn't capture that gasp of 'love at first sight' that we had all experienced an hour earlier.

I knew that it would be a rare sight - unusual and unique - but I wasn't prepared for how utterly charming and enchanting it would be!

So off I got to whistle 'blue mooooo....' while I do the dishes, garden a little, clean the kids' room, go grocery shopping, make dinner......

....doody, doody, dooooo.....



  1. Hello Katy:
    Well, your pinky/orangey moon is every bit as enchanting as a blue one would have been, we are sure. And, in any case, at times like this, poetic licence can always hold sway!!

    As for us, we waltz to the Blue Danube......the blue being poetic licence for us too.

    Hoping that you are enjoying a happy weekend!

  2. We were driving back from central WA, lots of smoke and stuff in the air from harvest and all the fires and the moon was actually BLUE. Strangest thing. There was something in the air when it first came up. After a while it turned yellow.

  3. Hello Kathy !! nice to see a post of you again!!!....enjoy the weekend with the

  4. It is enchanting!

    Enjoy your weekend,


  5. Hello Katy

    You image is spectacular and worth waiting for. Thank you for sharing the joy.
    I love the various Blue Moon renditions. Now you have me singing.

    Helen xx

  6. Hi Katy Noelle,

    You made a post. Hurray!! Lovely music. I can imagine why it makes you happy :-) Hold the feeling!!!!


    Madelief x

  7. I love Django Reinhardt song....
    Best regards from Paris,



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