Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cabbages and Roses Girl

I have a dream of being a Cabbages and Roses kind of girl.
Do you know what I mean?

I grew up in the arid dessert of Southern California (Pasadena). As school approached, every year, we would receive catalogs full of plaid and wool and dark colors. The stores would be full of these same kind of autumnal/winter fashions. Hungry for and excited about the change of season, our parents would fill our drawers and closets with these adorable outfits. The first day of school, we would be dressed to the teeth and drippingly hot. Sometimes the temperature would be in the hundreds (Fahrenheit)! We still had a couple of months to go before we got cool rainy weather and the trees would start to change their colors. The next day, finished with our first impressions, we would all be in shorts again!

Who came up with that ritual?

Well, now I live where the air has turned brisk at the appropriately fashionable time!


I would love to be a Cabbages and Roses Girl!

Sigh! First I have to lose a little weight (not as much as this lovely model, though, please!) and save a little money to look like this on the outside!

I can play the piano, though! =]

~I think that plaid and sweaters, florals, dresses and petticoats are a state of mind, anyway!~

I want to look like a Cabbages and Roses girl on the outside because I already am inwardly.


If you want to see more from the link that I was emailed - have fun!

Just a few honestly dreamy and happy thoughts!

Love, Katy Noelle

P.S. Thank you, all, for your empathetic and kindly encouraging thoughts and concerns from what I shared in my last post. I just can't tell you how much it meant!


  1. As a former California girl myself, I can totally relate to your story - even the summer clothing returning on the second day of school. It's so nice now that when school actually begins here, my girls can wear their fall sweaters in the morning and not sweat! The beautiful fashions you have shared here remind me of some of my favorite past Victoria magazine fashion features. I love fall and admit I am not sorry to see the scorching summer come to an end this year. Bring on the sweaters!

  2. Dearest Katy Noelle,

    Talking about your previous post, guess the clouds have moved into my area now.

    Pieter my true love did have 4 bypass surgery yesterday... The day we were supposed to pick up our Dutch friends at the airport, he got a heart attack and his pulse dropped to 30. So he had to be admitted to the hospital in a hurry and again to a bigger hospital for a better heart surgeon... Yesterday was a critical day with him being for 5 hours in the OR. Then a long recovery, longer still than the surgery time... But I left him knowing he would manage and today he surprised everybody for being that good, they decided to move him to a regular room and disconnect all the tubes. What a joy!

    Sunny greetings from Georgia,


  3. Hi Kathy......i must laugh about you.....hahahahh!!......this words .......... First I have to lose a little weight (not as much as this lovely model, though, please!) and save a little money to look like this on the outside !

    Hahahaah!! you ar a funny girl......stay please who you are...that's the importent thing in life......don't change because of other peoples will !!.............stay Kathy.........!!please !!...

    Wishing you a happy day dream on Ria......

  4. Dearest Katy, Wonderful moody images for the change of season. Although I enjoy the summer hugely, I am nonetheless always quite ready for the onset of autumn with cooler days and a touch of chill to the morning air. I suppose I am a 'Cabbages and Roses' sort of girl myself as cabbage is the staple diet in Hungary [and I eat a great deal cooked in different ways] and I adore all roses [except those nasty hybrid teas]! Enjoy your Sunday.

  5. yes, cabbages and roses has some pretty dreamy stuff. another shop i didn't know about 'til blogging. just yesterday i requested their new catalog online. truthfully, i'm more likey to buy outfits inspired-by c&r at ... target! :)

    i really love new england and the change of seasons.


  6. Hi, Darling-

    I am so sorry, that I am such a faithless one- a big, big hug and kiss to you, my Sweet!

    My blogad changed for a while- but I wrote you a mail- I wondered, why you didn´t answered my posts in the last time. This is the adress:

    In the moment I make a little pause.

    I create lots of new things for our home- our dustbin was full up to the edge. Some new things- new ideas for every room.

    And I enjoy this last week of holiday. Every single day is pricious.

    I love that clothing style!

    I think of you- Ines♥

  7. Dear Katy Noelle!!!!

    Just sitting down - with a snoozing Crumbs on my lap - to write to you and find you have left me a comment yesterday..... :) ! I went through the posts I missed on you blog yesterday but then soemthng appenede and never got back t the computer........

    Before I comment on this lovely and funny post here, I need to say that your last post was so personal and touching! I actually read all the lovely comments, which I seldom do (for time reasons,) and there is not much that I can add that has not already been said!!! Your son and your whole family are very lucky to have such a loving person caring for them!!!!! And I totally understand your tears of relief - to know what is happening is so important -at least, even if the truth is not what one ones to hear, you can then begin to deal with it and to work with it!!!!! Your family sounds like you are all very very caring - what better environment for your son to grow up in!!!!!!! AND I am VERY glad that you are finding strength and hope from your faith - it must be very hard at times!!!!!!!! ALL the very very best to all of you!!!!!!!!!

    Now, on a much more light hearted note, the picture in my head of you all wrapped up in the heat is hilarious!!! SO very funny!!!! (and it reminds me of seems that the Italians - as they are SO much into their fashion - as soon as there is the slightest chill in the air, they bring out their full winter gear - I guess it is that their winters are not as long and they want to make sure, they get to wear their lovely winter wardrobe.....same as you then ,I guess...!!!!

    I personally LOVE autumn and winter clothes - and agree on the C&R pictures!!! - yes, summer is great and easy - and one spends a lot less time dressing - but I like the coziness of winter clothes (plus...this is BAD, but I find I can hide the ugly bits in them better....) - so I am looking forward to it too...and your post might now mean that I have to drive over to Cambridge- they have a whole C&R shop there!! - poor Mike is going to get worried.....:) - when we go to Cambridge I need to park him in a coffee shop with a that I can browse in piece.......he just isn't a natural shopper...too bad!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment and sharing your puppy experience!!!!! Things are getting easier as she is beginning to understand a lot more... having said that, went to puppy class last week and guess who was the worst behaved puppy there? But in her defense, it was TOTAL chaos with about 15 puppies racing about at hight speed and some VERY serious dog training people in ugly outfits....oh they were bossy and I had a job keeping up with them and their commands.....Mike says it is not puppy training at all, it is owner trainig..... Let's see how this week will go...:)

    Better go, she has jumped off and is wonderingn about now......lunch time you see...

    Lots of love and sorry I have not been back sooner!!!


  8. oh typing again....I am sure you can figure it out!! ANd also wanted to say:

    HAPPY September - your FAVOURITE month is here!!!!!!

    PLEASE PLEASE take LOADS of pictures of those stunning leaves you get in your part of the world!!!!!!!

  9. i see why you're so into being a cabbages and roses girl because now that i've seen it all, i'd love to be one as well! everything is so pretty and lovely, and so very dreamy too! ah,the wonders of fashion and girls.

    thanks for sharing! x

  10. Hi Katy,

    I love this post! It's probably because I am a bit of a C&R girl too!

    Two weeks ago I bought some black suede boots/shoes in Gent which would look perfect with the clothes you show. They are a bit old fashioned (with very thin laces at the front), but modern (high heel) as well! I love long beautiful coats, warm woolen gardigans, thick scarves & funny hats & floral dress! However to me there is always one must and that is Elegance :-).

    Your last photo is beautiful!! We have been to our garden today. It was sheer heaven :-)! I picked an enormous bunch of flowers (Dahlia's, Cosmea's, Zinnias and some seed heads). It's so beautiful. Wish you could see it. We did a lot of necessary work, but it was very worthwhile! How is your garden coming along? Has your help already been?

    Enjoy your day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  11. Dear Katy

    I am most definitely a C&R girl. I LOVE all the outfits here. It's funny because we have just come back from a week's holiday in France where the weather was lovely and warm - not hot (which I don't like and can sympathise with you on the trauma of memories of your first day back at school in plaids and thick wool!!! Anyhow, I've managed to cultivate quite a nice tan, but of course Autumn is nearly here and the weather has turned and I'm eager to get on my woollens and thick tights with boots, so my tanned legs will be hidden from sight - oh well!! But just like you I love September and I love Autumn.

    Hope all is well and you are having a great week.


  12. Hi. I've just found your blog and have to say I agree about the Cabbages and Roses, although the prices are too much for me. The clothes really remind me of Laura Ashley, as it was in the '70's and '80's - not as it is now! Think I'll be using the photos as inspiration though. :-)


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