Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Miss Mousey!

I said in my last post that I have news...

 but, um, this isn't it.

But it IS something that I really should announce. We have a new rabbit in our home!! =)

And it just sticks in my fingers. I don't want to say it but, sadly, Jeffrey died, this past summer. We still miss him!!

Miss Mousey, however, is adorable and funny as can be!! Tom named her for her long nose but the boys have the name Charley waiting in the wings - just in case she turns out to be another boy! She's a wee bit suspicioso and, now that she's older, really, really doesn't like to be held but she is, still, very sociable. She has the run of the kitchen and will come and run laps (ike 20-30 laps!!!) around my chair when I sit at the table or around my feet when I do the dishes. She loves bananas and she absolutely adores having her nose pet. She also gets along swimmingly with the three dogs and is just one of the gang! Toby is the main guy to take care of her and, although she doesn't let him hold her anymore, she does seem to have a special bond with him.

All around, it's just so wonderful to have bunniness in our home again!!



  1. Owwwww so so so sweeeet rabbit...i love rabbits !! we have had 5 since we are married......but now we have only 2 dogs.......sweet is that your son ??? Ria...x !

    1. Yes, Ria! That's my youngest son, Toby! and I thought of you when I put this post together... we do have a mutual love for bunnies and golden retrievers, don't we?! ;) :)


  2. So sorry to hear about Jeffrey (he was so beautiful), but I'm happy to see you have a new adorable bunny to love. Mousey is very luck to have you all. Enjoy!

  3. Oh she is so sweet and so cute!! We've never had a bunny but seeing this sweet thing, I would sure like to try….except we have a kitty cat. How fun for you to enjoy her running laps around things. Love your photos!

  4. She is a beauty and is fortunate to have found a loving home with lots of attention and freedom. It is wonderful that the dogs accept her too.
    Helen cc

  5. oh how adorable! that would be so wonderful to have a cuddly little bunny at home. my kids are always going on about wanting one, but we just dont have the space.

  6. Darling Katy:
    How adorable Miss Mousey [Charlie] looks to be. How we wish she/he were ours and what fun you will undoubtedly have with this new addition to the household. And what lovely pictures of Toby.
    Have a wonderful, restful weekend. xxx

  7. This is most definitely an aaahhhh moment Katy! Miss Mousey is a little charmer, and very photogenic! Those pictures are adorable. Oh yes, I can just see her hopping around trying to keep up with her gang - just lovely! x

  8. Oh no!!! Too too too cute! I can't stand it. Sugar dripping adorable sweetness! We used to have a pet bunny many years ago. They are such sweet little members of the family.
    I'm sorry about Jeffrey.
    Your son is adorable too.
    Wonderful addition to the family my friend!
    xo Catherine

  9. Oh Katy, I can't believe I almost missed this post. It's sooo sweet! What a beautiful addition to your family this little bunny is. Your son looks so sweet holding it :-) He looks a lot like you. You have the same eyes and hair :-)

    We had a hamster to stay last week. A tiny one. The girls loved it to too! I thought of having one ourselves, but as we are away often (uni & work), I don't think our house is the best place for an animal. It does need more care and attention.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! Yes, the Hattatts are coming, in May :-) I am absolutely delighted!!!! Hope I will be able to welcome you too one day. I have a small spare bedroom with a double bed, which you can use!

    Hope you are well Katy, but I think you are?! Can't tell you how pleased I am! You sound much better!

    Sending you lots of love,

    Madelief x

  10. How adorable. Abby might even like one!


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