Saturday, February 2, 2013

a winter's table

A month ago (ahem. whistle, whistle.... oh! Alright! At Christmas-time.... =P), we had several weeks of company for dinner. The friends and family kept rolling in - a wave of fun that lasted well into the beginning of January! This year, however, I didn't feel like setting a very rich Christmas table but, having had snowflakes on the brain since we had seen some of  Snowflake Bentley's photos* in November and being inspired by this and the general ambiance that was on my winter Pinterest board, I set simply a wintry themed table. It was basically blue and white, lacey, with evergreens instead of flowers and a splash of Swedish style. For two weeks, I just kept washing and resetting and enjoying the table. I have to confess that the last luncheon I enjoyed at it was a very light chicken waldorf salad with greens. Anyway, I thought that I would just quickly share it with you before winter is long gone - in my dreams, anyway.  My thoughts started turning towards color and spring when I flipped the calendar page to February. Time to get organized and order seeds for the garden! =D

By the way, lest any of you feel sorry for me after my last post... 'my ship came in' in regards to Christmas gifts in January. Our little financial bottleneck popped open in a lovely way and I was caught in a flood of very happy gifts - things that I had been hoping and waiting a long, long time for. Some of them including, a new hood over the stove, Photoshop, new boots and warm socks (it's true!) and a punch ladle. All that I can say is that I seriously 'cleaned up' this year! ;-)

By the way.... if you're interested in some artsy takes on the table (heh, heh! =D), I, also, posted about it here. =]

(pssst! There's the punch ladle!)

...and, when I do the dishes, this is what I see out of the window over my sink!

Have I ever mentioned how good life is?


* Snowflake Bentley, a Vermonter no less, was the first person to ever photograph a snowflake. He was the one that discovered that no two are alike. Tom and I saw some of his photos and sketches at the Fairbanks museum in St. Johnsbury, this past Autumn.


  1. Hello Katy:
    How could any guest approaching that table fail to be truly delighted and without a care about what will be provided to eat?!!! You take such care with every tiny detail and just know how to bring everything together so beautifully. The result is charming and wonderfully welcoming.

    The glass reflects all the candle light marvellously, giving the whole scene a warm and inviting look. The simple colour scheme works well to create a restful harmony and the use of the small conifers is both fun and practical. Lovely!Simply lovely!

  2. I stopped in via your charming, witty comment on Hattatt, and feel as welcome at that blue and white table as any of your myriad guests.

    Looking forward to delving into your enticing archives in the cold days to come!


  3. Hello Katy

    I had you on my sidebar but you disappeared. I am re-inserting you as I do not want to miss out on your beautiful posts.
    The love in your heart is evident is all you do. Your table is set with such detail, precision and most of all love and care for your family and guests.

    Have a great week

    Helen xx

  4. Dear Katy,

    Your table looks just beautiful! I am glad you decided to post after all. Do I spot some Royal Albert plates and cups :-)? Ahhh....a kindred floral cup spirit :-)

    The colours you chose for the table look lovely and match perfectly with the purple wall in your living room.

    The photo with the winter light coming in through the window shining on your table is my favourite. A magical moment!

    Wishing you a happy new week!


    Madelief xox

    1. Oh, and dear Madelief, speaking of the sun shining on the table.... we have the most wonderful memories from several years, now, of having friends over in the winter months, while it's desperately frigid outside and sitting in the sunny dining room around that table - making our own warmth and.....laughing and laughing and laughing and dreaming about gardens and sharing stories until we're quite exhausted. A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the winter!!! =]


  5. I just found your blog trough another blog and I have only looked at this last post so far and it looks just wonderful so i will look around here at all the lovely photos!
    Who would not like to be a guest at such a pretty set table?!
    have a wounderful day!

  6. You always have the most inviting looking table settings my dear freind. Sadly, I can't even remember the last time we sat at our table to eat. Sad isn't it? Well....when you are such a pitiful cook such as I, one doen't need to sit at the table to eat their chicken fingers or cereal. ;)
    xo Catherine

  7. We have a lot of snow here, so I loooooove your winters beautiful and cosy!!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and have a wonderful weekend,



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