Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Irises and potato guns

 Lliam - 3:50:59  Showing mom the potato gun that he'd spent the afternoon making with dad and partner for science project on trajectory. (Who IS that 'Rambo' of a kid? I don't even recognize him.)


Lliam - 3:51:15 (16 seconds later)   After discovery that fumes from the not quite dried, yet, glue can make said potato gun go off like a cannon. (Notice absence of little brother and chicken who split when they heard the kaboom.)

If I were a real photo journalist, I would have caught the mayhem in between but, alas, I'm simply a laughing mother.....

Yup, I know that kid, after all!

Then, I went back to contemplating the huge swath of much anticipated blue iris that are, finally, blooming in this second year of my replanted-garden-that-was-moved-from-the-parsonage. They didn't do much, last year, but grow and spread.

...and, it turns out.... they're yellow.

but, some of them are blue...


(Please excuse the mess, I've weeded but can't find the rake or the broom.)


I bought some yellow irises ten years ago but I thought they were extinct....

Yes! I definitely recognize this family, now.

I wonder if that black iris that I thought had dwindled out is around here, somewhere....

note: Tom has found the rake! I repeat! Tom has found the rake! He said that we just needed to think like a young teen boy. He said that I need to ask the question, "if I was a young teen boy using a rake, what would I do with it when I was done with it?" His answer: I would fling it and leave it. Last job was spring lawn clean up with the little tractor and trailer. It got flung in the trailer and, then, when they needed the trailer for something else, they flung it out on the far side of the shed where the tractor gets parked and, then, they completely forgot it ever even existed! (Hence, the very genuine blank looks when I asked if they knew where any of the rakes were. "Rake? What rake? We have a rake? What's a rake?")


  1. Hi, Dear-

    the kids are growing up as fast as your flowers... you have got really nice sons...

    Those irises are looking sooo beautiful- the flowers- framed of stones- it looks fantastic!

    Enjoy your day- I hope, you feel ok!

    Hugs- Ines

  2. The potato gun reminded me of one of my nephews - Charley - who is homeschooled and had been really studying (deep down like you can at home) the revolutionary war. One day his mom heard some mayhem and came around the corner of her garden and found her pansies laying prone upon the grass. "Charley, why did the pansies have to die?" she asked. "They're British, Mom," said Charley, laying down his plastic sword.

    1. heh heheehehehehhh! I know a woman (a very fun friend) with a wonderfully creative family containing six home schooled children that, I'll bet you anything, have similar stories only....about Vikings!

  3. What a lovely, funny post! 'Thinking like a teenage boy'....I love that!! And for the record, I thought your garden photos looked remarkably tidy!!


  4. Beautiful iris!
    'thinking like a teenage boy' . . . yes, I think the blank stares I get from my own young one just proves there is temporarily nothing in that head to think with- it takes all the brain cells he can muster just to get his eyes to roll mockingly at me. ;)
    every other possible thought must be centered around food . . . or girls.

    1. As my husband, also, says - it's the age where they have big bodies and tiny dinosaur brains.... HE said it - not me....

      ...although, I don't think that there will be many teenage boys reading my blog to be offended or object. ;)

  5. Hello Katy:
    No, you cannot fool us...that is definitely not a potato gun, it is a missile launcher!!!!! Surely, with just a little tweaking, Lliam could launch his younger brother [and the chicken most likely] into outer space with that serious looking piece of equipment. Whatever, if the school has any sense [and, in fact, often schools do not, we know from experience] then they will not allow Lliam and his launcher anywhere near the Physics lab!!!!

    How fortunate that blue and yellow are such a pretty combination. You could not have arranged it better!!

    1. Ah HA! That's it! We were trying to think of what else, besides potatoes, to launch for the experiments. We tried hard boiling eggs (we have an abundance) but they wouldn't fit in the pipe. We thought of those new fangled oversized marshmallows and thought that we might, at the same time, discover a unique way to make instant s'more - but Lliam, with his new found never ending grazing abilities, had devoured the whole bag!!! (yech!) BUT! It never occurred to me that we have forty-five baby chicks in the barn that are the PERFECT size!!!! If we strapped little helmets on them and they flapped their wings a wee bit, well, who knows how far their trajectory could go?!


      As for the yellow. Now that they're opening, I remember why I was smitten by them. It's the softest, prettiest yellow! sigh.... =]


  6. Hahaha ~ you are so cute Katy!! Yup ~ kids.

    Look at all your lovely lovely flowers. I have some coming up but we got frost last night. FROST! Can you believe it? Well it's all too sad to think about.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely flowers Katy!
    xo Catherine

  7. That's no potato gun...that's a CANON. I think this scenario is hysterical. I can just imagine what it was like...and I love that you caught the skedaddling chicken!! Ah boys. Sigh.
    PS lovely iris pics!

  8. Dear Katy,

    Happy to hear Tom has found the, they can be such a nuisance ;-)! That gun looks very impressive. The teacher must have been happy with the result. If all his students take projects this seriously! I can't remember my girls making anything like this for a science project :-)

    Before I forget, thank you for your comments on my posts. It must have cost you so much time! I read them all with a smile on my face.

    England was just lovely. I am ashamed to say that I will be visiting again in August with the family. Last week I went with two friends, who love gardening just as much as I do. We had a great time together, chatting, visiting Sissinghurst & Pashley manor. The gardens were still very green, but it didn't really matter. It was lovely being there and seeing it all for yourself.

    Only four more days to go before we are off to Budapest. Soooo exciting! Wish you could be there too!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  9. Dear Katy

    Gosh your boys are growing up fast and yes I agree with Jane and Lance - that is indeed a missile launcher!

    Very pretty planting - the stonework sets off those colours perfectly - and blue and yellow always look so wonderful together.

    Happy weekend!


  10. Your irises are so pretty Katy! So much fun to read and see your post. :) Enjoy your weekend! xo

  11. I just came across your blog this week and am loving reading through your posts. This one caught my eye as I try my hand as a beginner gardener. Would you mind sharing the name of the small blue flower in front of the iris in the above picture?

    1. Hello, Mary Grace! I'm sure it's too late to answer.... I only saw your comment, now, alas. But, for the record, it's dwarf catmint or 'catnip' (except it doesn't drive cats crazy. ;) ) I just bought more to line the border of the upper garden, though it spreads healthily all on it's own.


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