Saturday, February 18, 2012


I suspect that some of you will not have had the experience that I had growing up and, then, some of you will groan with recognition. Some of you will have been magically self possessed. I was never sure of what my style was or how I came across to others or, even, who "I was" in general. I've always felt awkward and not in step with the rest of the world. For example, there's always been some secret code of what to wear if one wanted to be popular and I just can never seem to crack it. While everyone else wears Levi Jeans, I've always preferred a skirt.

Then, one grows up and starts to hear that it's a wonderful thing to be unique. Well, alright, then! Even though it seems peaceful from afar to just fit in.... I'm, apparently unique and that's a good thing. ;) However, I'm, still, not quite aware of myself. So, I've been learning to just express and to simply let it be what it is - to just let myself be who I am and to not worry about how it all comes across.

I've stopped trying to be clever!

This has played out in a curious way in my surroundings. I love to feather my nest but, until I moved to this new home, only a couple of years ago, I had never had an environment that was fully mine to shape (you know, with the okay of my husband. ;)) At first, I tried to decorate according to 'the book' but, like my struggle with clothes' fashions, I had such a hard time figuring it all out.

So, finally, realizing that the less I try the better it looks and that, if I like it, it will probably fit in - even if, technically, it shouldn't - I've been relaxing about the whole thing and waiting to see what comes out of my lack of effort. I was wanting my rooms to be soothing and neutral but, what I've been surprised to realize is that I am colorful!

When we first bought the house, I had read a wonderful piece of advice. It told me that as I looked through interior magazines and books, I should take note of the spaces that make me stop and gasp and try to figure out what it was about those rooms that I liked so well. That's how I wound up with the brown walls in my dining room. What has followed after is purely by accident.....

The "before"

(There was an old phonograph in pristine shape waiting to be collected by the woman who inherited the house. It was filled with records from the twenties, thirties and forties. Spectacularly charming! Not so the wallpaper and rotting rug)


I've always wanted bleached, Scandinavian type floors and, even though I know that the floors in the whole house should flow - it's not possible so I went with what I wanted, et, voila! =] We love them!

We painted the ceiling a definite and obvious blue that's, also, subtle at the same time.


The walls are what I would call a Scandinavian brown - not the usual and obvious choice. In the summer, it fits harmoniously with the views out the windows - especially the blue pond - and it has a warm and organic feeling in the winter.  It's an odd neutral - not beige or white. It's beautiful like rich, chocolate cake dirt is beautiful in the garden. Happiest of all, every color that I love seems to sing its heart out next to it.

Just look.....

So the moral of the story is to go with what you love and don't bother trying to be anyone but yourself. Even better yet, don't try to be yourself - just be and....

colorful is definitely good! ;-)


  1. I've always been like that as well (especially when it comes to clothes...) but I've learned to follow my voice. Love your purple, Scandinavian dining room. Have a wonderful weekend Katy! xo

  2. Wowwww is so wonderful now !! like your colors !!...happy

  3. As usual, a real treat to read! Every time i look at your photos i am literally like "Wow!!" just beautiful! I especially like the "before" and "after" photos above! Your colour scheme is fantastic and definitely just WORKS! I know what you mean, i think for me it's only been in the last few years in my late 20's and now early 30's that I have become contented & comfortable at being "me" if that makes sense. Have a lovely weekend x

  4. Dearest Katy Noelle,

    Like with discovering that you are an excellent soprano, this is just one of the most unique NEST I've seen in quite a while. You found the perfect shades to blend in with your china and linens. A happy light blue 'sky' from above. Guess you are way too bashful but you certainly do possess some talents.
    Enjoy your work and by the way, I loved the picture with the family pet below the table... That shows it is a HOME with a beating heart.

    Love to you,


  5. Hello Katy

    Your home looks beautiful. I love the blue ceiling and your selection of colour is excellent and works with all your accent colours. The dining room table looks most inviting.
    Your advice on to "just be" is excellent. Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a great weekend

    Helen xx

  6. A delight to see a favorite color combination of mine - brown and blue. So lovely! We also have lots of color in our home from deep eggplant, dark raspberry and teal green. (It's almost like the rooms of the White House!)

  7. You did so much with that room Katy ~ it's beautiful! Very warm and inviting. Hmmm.... it looks all ready for some guests. Look at those cookies. Now I'm hungry. I shall go eat my whole grain toast with peanut butter. I'm sure it won't taste like a cookie.... ;)
    xo Catherine

  8. Such a great combination of colors- I love it so much!!!
    You are such a wonderful artist, Darling- with your voice and a magical woman for your home...
    A big hug to you- Ines♥

  9. Just found your blog today- beautiful, beautiful!
    Love your home!

  10. Hi Katy, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  11. Hi Katy,

    Your did SO well! Your house does not only look very chique, it's warm and cosy as well. The colours match perfectly together. I really like it, but you know I LOVE colour :-)! How I would love to sit at your table and soak it all in. Especially in summer, when I can have a look at your garden too :-)!

    That record player with the records is a beautiful present to leave behind! Especially for someone who loves music just as much as you do.

    Veel lieve groetjes,

    Madelief x

  12. All so beautiful, Katy. Your uniqueness is genuine and it shows.
    My fav pic = the blue wooden chair :)

  13. Brown and blue is such a wonderful color combination, and oh, I am IN LOVE with your floors! ;)

    Your dining room is beautiful, grounded and serene, but also very ethereal with that lovely blue ceiling. Gorgeous, Katy! xoxo

  14. oh its beautiful!! love how you have transformed it.

  15. Am I coming to dinner? Did I miss the invite? Seems all is ready - and no need to eat, we can just feast our eyes on your beautiful room and lovely vignettes...those violets have made my day, they are happy flowers and they remind me of my gorgeous granny and her favourite sweets! I am also very fond of the subtle positioning of dog, strategically under the table...its a triumph,

    Love Sarah -x-

  16. This is so gorgeous and original. I've always loved brown and blue together but you've combined them in a way that's both traditional and fresh.

  17. Only me! You're the best! Thanks for the Birthday wishes....happy Sunday to you,

    Love Sarah -x-x-x-


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