Saturday, December 31, 2011

All I want for Christmas.....

All I want for Christmas...

(well, at this point)

 ... is to blog about it!!!

I've had just the time and energy that I've needed, this year, to get around to all of the Christmassy fun that was to be had - except for blogging!

So, I thought that I'd share just a little wash of what it looked like at our home, this season.

First, there's the hunting for one of our trees - including hide and go seek and hot chocolate with peppermint sticks!

but.... would it be tall enough?

The tradition for the second tree started the first year that we were in this new home and we hadn't found and unpacked our normal ornaments because of uncompleted renovations (that, eventually, happened just in the St. Nick of time!) We huddled in this room as the only place, really, to be in our big house and we made our own makeshift Christmas. Now, we continue the tradition and the boys decorate this tree with our cheery handmade ornaments.

(It's taken me till now to get a picture of it. I've given up on perfect - life keeps moving a titch to fast for that; so... one scraggly Christmas tree and one scruffy little boy - here you go! ;) )

There's another funny little tradition that I forget about every year until it happens again. Somewhere, a week or two into December, I sit down on the couch, after decorating the family room up above, and I see the large and clear moon beaming at me through the frosty bay window and I attempt to get pictures of it. Of course, it's a wonderfully silent and amazing, living experience that I'll never catch on 'film'.)

Our snow, this year, keeps coming and going. Happily, a heavy dusting came on the 23rd. It casts such a beautifully glowing light in through the windows.

Christmas Eve....

Christmas Tea or mulled wine?!

We had dinner on Christmas Eve, this year.

The sight of the pond through the windows, all day and into the evening, was so beautiful!

reading the jokes from the crackers....

"who is the most famous married woman in the US?"

Mrs. Sippi!

(groan! What was really funny was how many times the question popped up! =])

It was so funny to glance back and to see my sister's persimmon pudding (her own recipe) jumping out from the photo of all of Martha Stewart's puddings. (Martha has the perfect brandy sauce to go with it!)

and it was a good blaze, this year! =]

and the house was all aglow....

The only sad thing that I can think of is that, now, we have to wait a whole year for Christmas to come, all over again.....

I don't know if I'll make it!

Happy Holidays to you all and, especially, wishing you a very wonderful next year!!!


Katy Noelle xxoo


  1. A very Happy New Year to you Katy.

    Bertie x

  2. sending you warm new year wishes!

  3. Katie, everything looks so beautiful. Your home must truly be a wonderful place to view the wonders of nature outdoors. The trees are lovely - I especially admire the last photograph. Wishing you all the best in the New Year to you and yours!

  4. Your home looks beautiful all decked out for the holidays.I agree the season comes and goes much too quickly.
    I hope you and your family are blessed with health,happiness and peace in the New Year.
    I am happy to hear your Mom enjoyed my blog.

    Take care,

  5. Everything looked so beautiful Katy. We always have our big dinner Christmas Eve. Love the left overs the next day! :). How come the left overs always taste better than the original meal? Hmmmmm.....
    Happy New Year my friend!
    xo Catherine

  6. Hi Katy,

    Happy New Year to you and your family! We must be sitting behind the computer simultaneously :-)!

    I am glad you felt like posting about Christmas. Your house looks amazing! I LOVE it all, both Christmas trees, your beautifully decorated table, the serenity of your hallway and the moon shining through the windows!

    Your boys look happy too. I especially enjoyed the bare knees :-)! My girls have trousers like that too.

    It's good to read you are having a lovely holiday. I enjoyed mine very much too. I wish I could have spent some more time at home, but alas. Que sera sera :-)! Looking forward to my next holiday already.

    Is that a traditional Christmas pudding you made? It looks very good!!

    Is your mind set on spring and gardening too? I can't wait!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    Veel lieve groetjes,

    Madelief xox

  7. Cor blimey Guv'nor there you are! Wow your house is ablaze with happiness in these photos! I was mighty glad to read your dulcet tones once again...I know what you mean about the splendidness of it all - and yours is gobsmackingly and right down my Lane splendid! I missed you and now wish to extend my open Lane invite to you - it's a lovely new Lane, you will like it here I promise. Happy new sunny spot year you all xXx love Sarah -x-
    Ps just hearing about the lost postings means I have received them both with bells - you're lovely x

  8. Hello Katy Noelle. I read your beautiful comment on Madelief's blog and followed you home. I love your blog, sense of family and joyful hear. As your new follower, I am looking forward to your visit

  9. oh, katy! your photos are BEAUTIFUL!!! i adore them all from "the scruffy boy" (shouldn't they all be?) to the moon from the window, to the ornaments. just aglow with warmth! your home is lovely!

    wishing you a happy and healthy year (and early countdown to christmas?)!


  10. Your blog is LOVELY! I've signed up to follow you. I am so in love with your house - it is GORGEOUS!! I'm drooling over every photo - and feeling very Christmassy indeed, all over again!!


  11. Hello i've just come across your wondeful blog whist browsing the comments in another fav blog (Curlew Country) and wow your house it absolutely beautiful! What lovely, lovely photos - i totally agree with Sarah above, it really does make me feel Christmassy all over again - cannot wait to read the rest of your blog very soon! I'm new to the "blogging world", and started my first blog only a couple of weeks ago and i'm really enjoying it, perhaps check it out it you have spare moment :) Marina x

  12. Hello Katy, I am a new Follower to your blog. What a lovely blog, beautiful pictures and a lovely location you live in. Kind regards, Ann ~ Australia.


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